The Art of Designing a Dangerous-Looking Playground

How do we introduce kids to a world of wonder while keeping them safe? How about give them places to play that spur their imagination, tease their adventure bone, but do it in a chaotic-looking but intentionally safe form. If that’s the answer you were thinking, than you’re going to love the article linked below

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Making the most of an icy winter in St. Paul

When winter gives them cold and ice, they make the most of it in St. Paul. And it turns out cold and ice are the exact ingredients needed to spin up an ice sculpting competition. Watch the full story at the Star Tribune video linked below.

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Montana Bill would force Montana cities to allow smaller home lots

Affordable housing is a challenge across the country. In Minot, we’ve spent many tens of millions of dollars over the past ten years attempting to move the needle. But maybe we should be looking at solutions beyond direct subsidies? In Montana, our neighbors to the west are taking a novel approach — forcing the law

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Public art brightens up flood protection in New York

Have you noticed Minot has a flood protection project going up? Have you noticed that it includes long stretches of tall, imposing, concrete walls? Our engineers have done their best to design a wall with a nice aesthetic, but we’re also going to be looking at this thing for the rest of our lives. Then

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A Floodable Bridge? Recreational uses with flood protection benefits

What does it take to get people across a river without creating an obstruction to waterflow that becomes a hazard during flooding? How about a bridge designed to go underwater that does a good job of letting water pass? If you’re curious, check out the article linked below from UrbanNext. It’s an idea we in

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