ND Game & Fish Releases New Outdoor Mobile App

Need a last-minute fishing license? Want to double-check the law while you’re out in the field? North Dakota Game and Fish has developed a mobile to make both and a whole lot more easier. Check out the video below to get the details. The App is available in the Google Play and Apple app stores.

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Early Winter Sends Birds Flying

The early arrival of winter likely had many North Dakota snowbirds questioning if they should have left before Thanksgiving. The following wave of snow and cold through Christmas and New Year’s may have sealed the deal for some of not returning until well after Easter.  As much as a cold, snowy and dark season can frustrate me, I still don’t see myself heading south for winter and I’m

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With Gardening Decisions on the Horizon, One Variety Peas Outperforms the Others

There is nothing better than eating fresh peas in the garden. You pop open a pea pod and the green pearls inside are as sweet as candy. At North Dakota State University, we have worked with hundreds of families to identify the best peas for our state. The finest pea is Lincoln, an heirloom variety

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10 things to know about how social media affects teens’ brains

Kids today are among the first generation of humans to grow up with social media as a dominant factor in their lives. After hundreds of thousands of years of evolving and adapting to the natural world, we’re now dealing with the challenges of evolving and adapting to a much faster-moving technological world. It’s a great

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Swedish Students Get Winter Survival Lesson in “isvaksovning”

What do you do if you’re out ice fishing and you fall through the ice? You’ll know if you’ve had a lesson in ‘isvaksovning’. That’s the hole-in-the-ice exercise that Swedish students take part in through their physical education class in the Sollentuna municipality. Participation is not required; all the students participate. Get the full story

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The Anatomy of North Dakota Forestry

This semester, I’m teaching an on-campus class called River and Stream Resource Management. I’m having a blast with the class, but I’m struggling a little with some of the terminology. I’m a forester and a lot of the material is new to me. If you can explain “entrenchment ratio” to me, I’d appreciate it. Technical

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Gov. Burgum’s Deep Dakota roots

Governor Burgum’s family beat the railroad to North Dakota and crossed paths with the characters that epitomize the story of the west and frontier settlement. From Custer to Sitting Bull and a doctor named Slaughter, get the full story on the Governor’s colorful family history in the Inforum article linked below.

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Hunter harvest surveys are an important tool for Game and Fish 

Do you feel like everywhere you turn there’s something trying to get your attention? Spam phone calls, robo calls, junk text messages. The other day I noted advertisements in the bathroom. It got me to stop and think. So, it worked. When it comes to email, my inbox gets filled up. Just like yours. At

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Trial of Kid Trailer, Ky Matthews meant ‘end of organized rustling’ in the Dakotas

The prairie wasn’t always the tame place it is today. In the early years of European settlement, cattle rustling and general outlawry were common. Justice for those caught wasn’t always delivered in the courts. And in 1910, Minot was home to the trial of two who were through to be among the last of the

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Minnesota company is finding success building apartment homes on an assembly line

There are a lot of ways to deliver more affordable housing into our communities, and one Minnesota company, Rise Modular, is doing it through efficiency of design and construction. They build modular apartment buildings that are built in a factory, shipped to the location, and assembled on site. Get the full story on innovation in

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5 Reasons Minot Should Create More Green Spaces

Minot’s got a great park system. And it may be providing more benefits than we give it credit for. It turns out public green spaces are key ingredients in successful places, and worthy of continued investment. And we’re not the ones saying it. The article linked below from Route Fifty points to research from the

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Meet the telehealth company that’s treated treated 20,000 opioid addiction patients

In a place like North Dakota, where do you turn when there’s no where to turn? When it comes to addiction, rural can be real challenge. The services and resources common in larger populations centers simply don’t exist. But what if you could get help over the phone or an Internet connection? And what if

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Winter Doesn’t Slow Down Fat Tire Riders

A fat tire bike is exactly what it sounds like — a bike with really fat tires. The fun they add is they make riding on soft surfaces like snow possible. And if you give people a place to ride, they’ll enjoy North Dakota winters even on bikes. Get the full story from Kim Fundingsland

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Meet Eric Johnson, Brewer at Minot’s Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks

Minot’s Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks is making a name for itself in the beer world. Their beer Gin & Spruce was one of 100 out 11,000 entries at last year’s World Beer Cup that earned a gold medal. It’s heady recognition, and it got the attention of the editors of Canvas Rebel, an online journal

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West Fargo effort to help seniors avoid falls is a first for North Dakota

When an elderly person falls, it often leads to an emergency services call. It’s a circumstance that opens the door — literally — to educating senior citizens on the services available that may help them, get health care, or prevent the next fall. And West Fargo is implementing a program to ensure they take advantage

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Free Learning Series “Little Kids, Big World” Featured at North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum

BISMARCK, N.D. – Toddlers and preschoolers are invited to the free interactive learning series “Little Kids, Big World” at the North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum. These interactive 30-minute programs introduce children to North Dakota’s fascinating history. The programs are Saturdays at 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. All children must be accompanied by a parent or

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