50 years later, what it was like if you zipped to Zap

It started as a casual suggestion, one that offered an alternative (and less expensive one, too) to the emerging tradition of a spring break on the beach. In the end, thousands came including the National Guard. Not everyone left happy. Jill Schramm with the Minot Daily News has the full story on a colorful event

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Slow down, pay attention, save a life

We all know (hopefully) the roads are dangerous places, but from time to time, we’re given a sad reminder. And while there are many steps being taken to protect drivers, it’s often those people outside of cars — pedestrians and bicyclists — that are often the most vulnerable. In Bismarck yesterday, a cyclist was hit

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An introduction to the father of Minot

When Erik Ramstad made it to the Mouse River Valley in 1883 there wasn’t much else here. ‘Minot’ was still a few years away, but it was his land that eventually became the base of operations for the Great Northern Railroad and eventually the City of Minot. For a great refresh on the man behind

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The epic bender to celebrate the newly finished U.S. Constitution

Writing the U.S. Constitution was hard, thirsty work, and upon finishing our nation’s founding fathers excused themselves to the City Tavern to avail themselves of some relief. What transpired is still worthy of a retelling more than 230 years later. Remember the evening with this article on the Fargo Forum.

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The cult of productivity has a counterproductive flaw

Imagine you figure out a new way to do something at work, saving you five hours each week. Over a year, you’ll save 260 hours. Now suppose you spent 10 hours teaching this work hack to 10 of your colleagues. At the end of the year, your productivity would be 4% lower (you’d only save

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The simple step parents can take to teach their kids persistence and grit

If at first you don’t succeed, then what? Phrased in a way that will matter to every parent, if at first your child doesn’t succeed, then what? Dealing with failure and adversity has everything to do with how kids are taught persistence and grit. And it starts at a young age. Check out this article

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Options Remain for City’s Landfill Related Rezoning Application

The City of Minot’s proposal to expand the footprint of its SW Minot landfill location hit a hurdle on Monday night as the Planning Commission denied an application to rezone the ~320 acres to ‘public’ use zoning which would allow for landfill activities to take place. The land requested for rezoning was purchased in 2017,

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Minnesota baker’s clever twist on chocolate chip cookie recipe goes viral

When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, many might contend that ‘love’ is an important ingredient. But a baker in Minnesota would take exception to the statement. In her case, it’s anger and aggression that’s required to put the dough in its proper place.

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