Grand Forks citizens question conflicts following Fufeng

The plan to develop a Chinese-owned corn mill in Grand Forks is dead following alarms raised by the U.S. Air Force, but the conversation over the project continues. In the wake of the project’s end, Grand Forks citizens are questioning the close ties between the City of Grand Forks and the Grand Forks Region Economic

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Montana students standing up for their futures

Speaking toward the future, there’s no one more impacted by the issues of the day than the young people among us. From curriculum to climate change, the younger you are the longer you’ll have to live with the decisions made today. And in Montana, youth engagement in political action becoming a force to reckon with.

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Architecture Firm plans to revitalize oft-ignored corner of downtown Fargo

What does it take to turn a blighted empty building into a productive space again? In Fargo, an architecture firm is answering the questions with a simple answer — vision. Craftwell Architecture and Construction is a Fargo firm in the process of designing a space for itself inside a former car service business. Inforum has

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Bismarck City Commission Approves Issuance of RFP for Economic Development Services (And Why it matters in Minot)

The City of Bismarck has issued an RFP (Request for Proposals) regarding its economic development activities. KX News has the story linked below. And why does it matter in Minot? The City of Minot conducts economic development activities through a contract with The Minot Chamber-EDC and prior to the recent merger, the former Minot Area

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These 4 Communities Are Leading the Way in Making Their Places Stronger

When it comes to places, the Bismarcks, and Minots of the world are more alike than they are different. We struggle in the same ways, we copy each others ideas, and the results we get leave little to get excited about. It’s a whole lot of meh. So, what does it take to make a

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Fargo scraps curbside glass recycling

What does it make sense to recycle? That’s not an answer under control of municipalities with recycling programs, because it depends on what the MRFs (material recovery facilities) will accept. And the Minneapolis-based MRF Fargo sends their recycling to is no longer accepting glass. It just doesn’t pay. It’s causing an abrupt change to Fargo’s

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Watch out, Minneapolis: The tow truck cometh to make room for the snow plow

When the snow falls and has to be moved, it’s the parked cars that become the biggest problems. There’s just no way to push snow over the top of them. The solution isn’t fun, but it is effective, if it’s used. And in Minneapolis, street snow is has caused enough challenges this season that they’re

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Alberta landowners fear repeat of orphan well crisis as renewable energy booms

The oil business is known for its boom and bust cycles. Everyone loves it when times are good. And in the past, everyone pays for it when times are bad. At least, that’s what everyone in Alberta remembers about the last time it went bad. Because when it went, it left cities and towns holding

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Listen: Sweden, Norway and Finland cooperating to attract workers to the far north

For our Scandinavian friends, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, they’re short workers. But only all types of workers and only everywhere. It’s a problem that’s prompting a creative solution — working together beyond national borders. Why does it matter in Minot? As home of the Norsk Høstfest, we’re obligated to bring you stories from Scandinavia. But

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A New Bill in Washington State Would Reduce Unneeded Packaging and Other Recycling News

The state of Washington has some of the highest recycling rates in the country, but usage is on the decline and landfills are still filling up. But they aren’t one to ignore the problem. And a new law is proposing a new approach — shift the waste stream burden from consumers to producers. It’s a

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After Heavy Snows, Minneapolis Snow Removal Solutions Get Creative

What do you do when there’s snow and so many parked cars that it begins to make the streets too narrow and dangerous? In Minneapolis, the answer is elegant. Implement a snow emergency law that only allows parking on one side of the street.  And then there’s this story from the Star Tribune, too. If

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Montana’s American Indian Caucus in State Legislature Mirrors Population

There are 11 American Indian lawmakers in the Montana legislature, nine democrats and two republicans. It’s a number that mirrors the percentage of American Indians in Montana’s population as a whole. And on issues of particular importance to the tribes, they’ll often act together. Get the full story from the Missoulian linked below. And why

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Farmers’ Crop Plantings Chasing Climate Patterns to new Territories

What’s a solid sign that the climate may be changing at a really slow pace? Are crops growing in places that were previously inhospitable to them an answer? On the question of climate change, maybe its a clue. But new crops in new places isn’t speculation, it’s a reality. Cotton in Kansas, new grape varieties

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The surprising key to our energy-centric future is Transmission

Bill Gates has built himself a fortune. In part, through his ability to shape the future, in part through his ability to predict the future and position his business interests in alignment. In those acts some people see a villain, but whatever his motives, it’s hard to ignore his track record. And he recently wrote

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Florida Parents react to empty classroom, library shelves as DCPS continues book review

In North Dakota, the legislature has a bill in front of them that would ban libraries from keeping legislatively defined ‘sexually explicit’ books in their collections. In Florida, a law cut from the same cloth — defining what can be kept in school libraries — is further along. It’s passed and it’s being implemented, and school

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Regina Making the Most of Winter with New Full Moon Festival, Suds & Sweaters, and Frost Festival

How do you take a new music and arts festival to a cosmic level right out of the gates? Schedule it in conjunction with a full moon, and build up to it with quarter moon and half moon celebrations. The Winter Moon Festival premiered last week in Regina; the focus of the multi-venue event music,

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