What Is the Point of the State Board of Higher Education?

Following a week of less than flattering news related to UND President Kennedy’s pursuit of a job in Colorado and the State School of Science’s reporting and procurement practices, Rob Port is wondering what’s the role of the State Board of Higher Education?

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On the allure of North Dakota and great sandwiches

It’s not every day that you hear the story of a Miami to Minot migration that ends with a really good sandwich. But today can be that day. Watch below as Christine Staley from Magic City Hoagies joins us for an episode of #GoodTalk Minot.

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It’s iMagicon Season in Minot!

Now on year five, iMagicon has grown steadily into North Dakota’s and the region’s premier ‘con’. Want to know what that means and what you’ll find there? Watch the episode of #GoodTalk Minot below.

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This is why downtown Minot matters more

If you’ve been paying attention the past few years, you may have noticed a renewed focus on downtown Minot. It’s coming from the City through intentional investments, it’s coming from private investors taking leaps of faith, and it’s coming from non-profits supporting all these efforts. Over the course of that time, there’s been no shortage

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What’s the cure for distracted driving — more or less responsibility?

Self-driving and driver-assist technology is coming at us at a 65 miles per hour. Culturally, our response to adopt it will be closer to a reflex reaction than a calculated decision based on merits of the technology. But at least one driver is questioning whether more technology is the answer to curing our distracted driving

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Orders to Minot?

At the main gate of Minot Air Force Base the sign reads, “Only the Best Come North.” For those unaccustomed to North Dakota and the challenges and rewards life here presents — the saying seems foreign. But after time, one military spouse found some perspective on being stationed in Minot. Check out this article from

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Maybe in Minot, government isn’t all bad?

I credit the Minot Area Development Corporation, of which I am a former board member and chair, for its recent release regarding the largest local employers. Minot Air Force Base, to nobody’s surprise, is the largest local employer. Trinity Health is number two. Minot Public Schools are number three. The City of Minot is number

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#GoodTalkMinot – Middle-earth and Park District 5-Year Planning

What do Middle-earth, the mythological realm of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Minot Park District’s 5-year planning process have in common? They’re both topics of this week’s #GoodTalkMinot conversations. On our first hour we’re joined by Director Kena Davidson and Actor Cade Solberg. Out topic: the Magic City Playmaker’s upcoming production of The Hobbit. Watch below to

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