Election day is over and guess what?

Tom Dean is a 75-year old physician who practices medicine in rural South Dakota. The virus is raging through his community; it claimed his father and ten others in the local nursing home. It all has him wondering what it will take to bring us together? Read his full commentary on The Washington Post.

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Support for Socialism Unites North Dakota Leadership

As the 2020 election is approaching, America appears to be deeply divided. Finding bipartisan consensus is becoming uncomfortably difficult. In North Dakota, however, we have apparently achieved consensus on one important issue. That is the benefit of socialism. North Dakota, at the state level, has been a one-party state since 1994. During that 26 year

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Public Comment on Minot Joining the Dakota Access Amicus Brief

Government — at the local, state, and federal levels — works best when those making decisions on issues hear from those who are impacted. And at a Special City Council meeting today,  the City of Minot through possible action of the Council may weigh in and speak up the ladder — into the federal court

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What’s it like to run 200 miles?

Ryan Wagner is an ultramarathoner and now a world record holder as a member of the team that completed the Mount Everest mail run in the fastest recorded time. He’s also from Makoti. Catch up with what it takes to make it in the world of extreme endurance athletes in the #GoodTalk Minot conversation below.

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Who’s helping foster kids?

The number of kids in the state’s foster care program is growing at an alarming rate. Check out this #GoodTalk Minot conversation with Tanya Hennix, an Independent Living Coordinator with PATH ND to learn more about what we’re doing to support kids who’ve inherited a rough first dose of luck.

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If the City doesn’t, who will? And if nobody does, then what?

The question of a City Hall relocation is on tonight’s City Council agenda. Item 7.5 asks the Council to act on the staff recommendation to drop the Big M building and chase the former Wells Fargo building for the City’s future home. I have a lot of questions I’d like answered before I act on

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Musings on the melting pot

I recently attended a conference in Chicago where one of the featured speakers was a well- regarded demographer from the University of North Carolina. According to his research, for the first time ever in the USA, children in the first grade with brown skin, outnumber children with white skin. By his definition, children with brown

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Can we admit we’re part of the problem?

Reasonable people should at least agree in concept that some degree of control should be exercised by the federal government at the Mexican border. The Mexican border is ground zero for immigration. Canadians appear to be content with high taxes, socialized medicine, expensive booze, expensive gasoline, and less than balmy weather. We should hardly blame

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