A Step-by-Step guide to Successfully Sharing Your Thoughts on Facebook

Don’t worry, if you’re not on the social network, this won’t convince you to join. But if you’re there and want to laugh at yourself, or if you’re not and want a taste, check this quick, cynics guide.

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Top Ten Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say To David Letterman

Whatever your thoughts of the guy, last night marked the end of an era. Check out the final Top 10 list as read by many of the funny, regular guests he’s had over the years.

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Everything is Taking Too Long

Occasionally we need to stop and laugh at ourselves, and The Onion is very good at pointing the many ways in which we are funny.

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Watch: Why Does Daisy Get to Eat Her Ice Cream First?

Cooper looks like a pretty sad dog, but there’s a pretty good reason for the special treatment. The end will make you laugh.

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An Honest Letter from Your IT Department

If your job requires a computer, you can probably relate, and you’ll probably laugh. If your job does not require a computer, feel free to laugh at those of us who have jobs that require a computer.

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North Dakota State Bison Fans Deserve to Hear this (Because they Probably Can’t Read)

If you didn’t catch the “What’s Bugging Andy” segments last fall after the Bison football team won in Iowa then here is your chance to catch up. But don’t take him too seriously, he’s after a laugh and he’s willing to point the finger at Iowa too.

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The Science is in… Men are More Likely to Be Idiots

A statistical study of the world’s most idiotic deaths suggests men are more likely to suffer from a sort of fatal idiot syndrome. The science is real, so if you’re a man… you’ve been warned.

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Documentary Makers Finally Produce Worthwhile Movie

Perhaps there’s a bit of irreverence in our title, but it’s all in good fun — which seems fitting for the movie you’re about to preview. You’ll have to wait until the new year, but it looks like it will be released to video on demand  just in time to help you get over your

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