Taking a Breath: Oil Slow Down Not All Bad

Maybe a slow down is just what we all need. The development and growth has come at such a furious pace that an opportunity to catch up might be just what we need. That’s the view of this editorial from the Dickinson Press.

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Family History: Get it All Down Before it’s Too Late

It’s one of those things that’s easy to put off, but if you do, you could lose it. Clay Jenkinson gives you his personal take on the value of knowing and understanding where we come from, and the challenges that go with learning it.

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An Open Letter to America from a Public School Teacher

Dear America, I’m sorry. You entrusted me with your children, and I have failed them. Please know that I had the best of intentions. I didn’t want to leave a child behind. I wanted to help them win this race to the top. You asked me to test them, and I tested them. I gave

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Viewing The World Through a Good-Data Filter

The value of good data shall not be underestimated, but equally important is having the tools to make sense of it. This presentation by a Swedish statistician will alter your preconceptions about the world we live in, and leave you with a refreshingly hopeful take on the state of the world and the direction we’ve

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Props to Chief Justice VandeWalle, Concern for Legal System

This is worth a read… it’s a though provoking editorial on the a state of legal education both here and abroad. Perhaps there are some warning signs we should be paying attention to.

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Survey: When Was the Last Time You Used a Phone Book?

At The Minot Voice.com we can deliver Minot-based business research. From quick and easy general polls like the one below to advanced market segments and in depth customization… our audience has the information you need to inform your next big decision. Participate Below: Surveying Minot’s Phonebook and Internet Usage…      

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Police and Body Cameras?

The idea has been proposed by President Obama and by Rob Port at the Say Anything Blog. The sheer magnitude of this anomaly makes this a must read editorial :D! But seriously, it’s a well argued piece and an idea worthy of consideration.

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One Guy’s Final Word on Ferguson

Everything about this story is sad, but it’s hard to look at the mainstream media’s reaction to the whole event and not think lynch mob. Matt Walsh, a popular and often controversial blogger, offers his final thoughts on the whole story. It’s worth reading.

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Is it Time for Little Self Examination?

The energy revolution we’ve been privileged to embrace over the past almost-ten years has been nothing short of remarkable. Western North Dakota has been transformed from poor to wealthy, from surviving to thriving, from a national after thought… to national and even world relevance. We are the standard bearer for creating a friendly, energy-development environment

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The Flood of 2011… What Did We Learn?

We’re more than three years removed from a very hard summer; life has gotten on with it self. The lessons we learned run the gamut… from hopeful to pessimistic, from tragic to humorous, so we’re asking the question — what did the flood teach you? Here’s a few to get you started… Little river, Big valley.

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Cable TV Chord Cutting On the Rise

Minot Voice Editorial: The news you’ll read on Quartz informs the recently surging net neutrality debate. It’s easy to imagine a protectionist agenda from our big-corporation cable and media providers in light of a rapidly changing market place that favors choice.

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Fed Says Long-Term Rates May Exceed Forecasts

Follow the link for the story. Check the comments for the one-line editorial delivered by user Hardened Cynic who states, “These guys are riding a rocket and have no idea where they are going.”

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