#GoodTalking Minot Baseball, Corbett Field, and all things Sabre Dogs

For last week’s second hour of #GTM, we were joined by Sabre Dogs top brass, General Manager Darrell Handelsman and Assistant GM Savannah Young. Tune in below for talk of summer, evenings at the ballpark, what it means to be a professional, and of course, all things baseball.

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#GoodTalkMinot on city business with Alderman Shannon Straight

Last week’s episodes of #GoodTalk Minot are back in the feed. If you missed out on the live conversation, catch up below as we chat with Alderman Shannon Straight on all things Minot and the City.

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Getting Real About Rural America — a New York Times opinion

It’s always dangerous casting an opinion on a wide swath of America. And few are wider than what might be described as ‘rural’. Still, economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman takes a crack at it. Perhaps he shouldn’t lump us all together, but not everything he writes should be discounted, either. Here’s the

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Framing and reframing the Igloo, why savvy news readers are always a little suspicious

Media bias is real. Still, it’s not very often that we’re delivered such a clear example from so close to home. Yesterday, Jill Schramm wrote a great recap article on the operation of Minot State’s Air Supported Dome. If you didn’t catch it, please follow the link below to The Minot Daily and read it.

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What Is the Point of the State Board of Higher Education?

Following a week of less than flattering news related to UND President Kennedy’s pursuit of a job in Colorado and the State School of Science’s reporting and procurement practices, Rob Port is wondering what’s the role of the State Board of Higher Education?

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Is Music Good for Your Health?

If you’re wondering, the answer is yes. And the evidence is both anecdotal and clinical, but if you want more details, check out this column from NDSU Extension food and nutrition specialist Julie Garden-Robinson.

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On the allure of North Dakota and great sandwiches

It’s not every day that you hear the story of a Miami to Minot migration that ends with a really good sandwich. But today can be that day. Watch below as Christine Staley from Magic City Hoagies joins us for an episode of #GoodTalk Minot.

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It’s iMagicon Season in Minot!

Now on year five, iMagicon has grown steadily into North Dakota’s and the region’s premier ‘con’. Want to know what that means and what you’ll find there? Watch the episode of #GoodTalk Minot below.

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