Hitchhiking to Egypt and ancient life on the Giza Plateau

This week’s second hour of #GoodTalk Minot featured Minot-native Dr. Mark Lehner, world renown authority on what life was really like at the time the Great Sphinx and pyramids were built. As interesting as the ancient Egypt side of the conversation is, you may appreciate the story of how Dr. Lehner found himself there in

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From the Air Force to the Army and back again, A conversation with Mike Sian

Yesterday’s first episode of #GoodTalk Minot featured Mike Sian. Mike is a new business owner with Spectrum Fitness on Minot’s North Hill and has a long history with the military and martial arts. We cover all these topics and more in this conversation.

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Considering the power of ‘place’ at the same time as we talk about our community identity

If you’ve been following The Minot Voice recently, you may have noticed a thread focusing on the idea of ‘place’ and its larger significance in our lives. It’s a lesser-researched topic (certainly in the realm of smaller cities), but the findings that are emerging suggest there are larger patterns in the world around us and

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Lake Sakakawea remains one of the best walleye waters

You often hear veteran anglers and biologists refer to the current status of North Dakota’s fisheries as “the good old days.” Of course, that’s a general reference and each individual water is unique. Some are doing better than others and at the moment one of those “better” waters is Lake Sakakawea. North Dakota Game and

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Minot-rooted Egyptologist Mark Lehner making news across North Dakota

Minot native and world renown Egyptologist Mark Lehner is in North Dakota this week. He’ll be joining the conversation on #GoodTalk Minot Wednesday at 1:00pm and speaking on Thursday evening at MSU. But if you’re curious about a primer, Mr. Lehner gave Prairie Public an interview last week that plots his path from Minot to

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#GoodTalking Minot Baseball, Corbett Field, and all things Sabre Dogs

For last week’s second hour of #GTM, we were joined by Sabre Dogs top brass, General Manager Darrell Handelsman and Assistant GM Savannah Young. Tune in below for talk of summer, evenings at the ballpark, what it means to be a professional, and of course, all things baseball.

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#GoodTalkMinot on city business with Alderman Shannon Straight

Last week’s episodes of #GoodTalk Minot are back in the feed. If you missed out on the live conversation, catch up below as we chat with Alderman Shannon Straight on all things Minot and the City.

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Getting Real About Rural America — a New York Times opinion

It’s always dangerous casting an opinion on a wide swath of America. And few are wider than what might be described as ‘rural’. Still, economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman takes a crack at it. Perhaps he shouldn’t lump us all together, but not everything he writes should be discounted, either. Here’s the

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