The robots are marching, and they can pull a truck, too

While this story is not exclusive to Minot, it helps remind us that we’re not immune to the march of technology. And this company — Boston Dynamics — has been the subject of past publishing here on The Minot Voice.  If you go back and watch those old videos, you’ll get a sense of how

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United Airlines Adding a Flight Between Minot and Denver

Air travel from the Magic City is about to get easier. The news release below was issued by the City of Minot Public Information Office. — Official News Release, City of Minot — United Airlines has added a third daily round trip flight between Minot International Airport and Denver International Airport, boosting the number of

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Bismarck’s downtown market analysis to identify business gaps is a call to action for Minot

Over the past year, Minot’s been host to a ton of conversation about downtown. Both the future of the area and its role as a part of our larger economic engine feature significantly in the City’s International Economic Development Council report delivered last summer. Applecart-upsetting, table-turning, they’re both adjectives that could be used to describe

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Pop-up construction to demonstrate downtown development ideas

What if there was a way to test the effectiveness of new traffic control structures and how they impact both drivers and pedestrians? What if you could do it without spending a bunch of money? With a little paint and labor, it can be done. And they’re doing it in Grand Forks. Check out this

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Grand Forks’ Alerus Center reports strong 2018

Grand Forks’ Alerus Center is a city-owned building, and in past years, there have been management and money problems. Last July, the City entered into a management agreement with Spectra, a national venue company, and in the first year, there is progress to report. Emily Allen has the story on getting a local event venue

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Fargo ranked 19th best-run city out of 150 largest in U.S

In the machines of municipal efficiency, Fargo is one that’s getting more mileage from their effort. In a study conducted by 10 university professors from around the nation with concentrations in urban studies and political science, Fargo ranked 19th. Another North Dakota city, Bismarck, came in at 22nd.

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ND highway fatalities at 8-year low through 1st half of 2018

Through the first half of 2018, traffic fatalities are at their lowest level in eight years. With the launch of the Governor’s Vision Zero initiative last year, the goal for traffic fatalities was set at the perfect-world goal of none. So, while the news is good, work remains.

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Are capricious state regulators contributing to ND’s child care shortage?

Childcare is and has been a continuing challenge in our communities. From a labor perspective, we’ve got a shortage of workers, and one key to entering the workforce is having confidence in where we leave our kids. In this commentary in the Grand Forks Herald, Rob Port argues that the State’s licensing and regulatory agency

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