Ward County Planning Commission to take another stab at right-of-way dedication

Among the most contentious issues before Ward County leadership in past years is the ongoing policy that requires a land dedication as a part of platting land. A few years back, the County Commission failed to advance a proposed change that would have requirement. Since then, the County’s Planning Commission has seen a steady stream

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Minneapolis eases liquor license restrictions, restaurants flock to opportunity offering craft cocktail experiences

When it comes to liquor, the City of Minneapolis chose to take a step back and do a little deregulating. As a step of confirmation, they offered the idea to the citizens through a city charter change; the public supported it overwhelmingly (72% yes). And now, in the first season that restaurants were offered the

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Bismarck’s Main Avenue to undergo permanent road diet

Bismarck’s Main Avenue will be transitioned down from 4-lanes to 3-lanes. It’s a project under the emerging practice in engineering known as ‘road diets’. It’s about making roads as friendly to bikes and pedestrians as they are to cars and trucks; there’s also less to maintain. Cheryl McCormack with the Bismarck Tribune has the full

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Bismarck mulls offering liquor licenses based on estimated census

The Bismarck City Commission has requested City staff draft ordinance language that would move the City to releasing population-quota liquor licenses based on the annual census estimate rather than the 10-year census. Here’s the quote from City Commissioner Shawn Oban: “I think if there’s an appetite for increasing competition and allowing more folks to get

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North Dakota students lead nation in AP exam pass rate increase

Over the past few years and since the legislature made an investment in supporting advanced placement instruction in high schools, North Dakota students have made fast advances on their AP test performance. Get the full good news education story from InForum.

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North Dakota’s ‘grow our own’ strategy aims to tackle doctor shortage

Where do we get our doctors? Most medical providers are faced with the question, and the problem isn’t unique to Minot or North Dakota. In Fargo, Sanford is finding that adding residency programs gives them an inside track to hiring directly after training is completed. Up the road in Grand Forks, UND Medical School has

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The fastest-growing US city is scrambling to survive the shale boom

As the price of oil rebounds and activity in North Dakota picks up, few believe we’ll return to Minot’s circumstances of 5 years ago. But what if we did? What if the oil boom came back? What steps would we take today to ensure the downside after our boom wasn’t as dramatic as we’ve recently

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Regina city council eliminates permit fee for new street-painting program

How do you build community? In Regina, street painting is one activity that’s showing promise. How do you discourage street painting? By charging a large administration free. The City’s administration was proposing just such a fee, but the City Council said otherwise. To them, the benefit was worth more than the cost of the not-inconsequential

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