A breath of hope for America on North Dakota’s Enchanted Highway

Extending South of Interstate 94 in Western North Dakota, you’ll find an oddity that is uniquely and inspiringly American. It is the Enchanted Highway, and with all the negativity that surrounds us these days, one journalist from Chicago sees it as a sign that our path out of the morass is in front of us.

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Let’s Reconnect With Our Streets

Have we reached a point where we’re more likely to have a relationship with our car than our neighbors? Perhaps that’s because we’ve lost touch with our connection point — our streets. It used to be that these keystones of our community were places to come together, now they’re conveyances out of our neighborhoods to

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More Recycling Won’t Solve Plastic Pollution

Many residents in Minot want to see citywide recycling, but before we invest big in the facilities and equipment, perhaps we should ask — what problem is it we’re trying to solve? One answer we’d expect to hear is we need to reduce the amount of plastic entering the environment. If that’s the case, then Matt

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An Illustrated Celebration of Jane Jacobs and Her Legacy of Livable Cities

What makes a place remarkable? Maria Popova explores the question through an exploration of Jane Jacobs life. Her conclusion: “Out of this arises the awareness that a city, like a niche in nature, is an ecosystem. The synergy of its various human and nonhuman components — neighborhoods, parks, stores, streets, sidewalks — is what makes

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EPA officials visit ND for Grain Growers Association’s 25th E-Tour | Agweek

What do you get when you put a bunch of common-sense North Dakota farmers on a bus with a bunch of Washington bureaucrats? No, this isn’t a set-up for a joke — it’s a real-life news story, and the meeting happened not-far from Minot. Agweek has the article on the meeting that’s the hopeful basis

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The recycling game is rigged against consumers

Minot recycling has been a contentious topic of late, and for those who support the effort, there are few reasons worthy of a delay. But circumstances far beyond Minot are wreaking havoc on the pillar of American environmentalism and forcing environmentalists to think differently about the practice. And one problem that’s been identified may surprise

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Change makes sense for Corps of Engineers

Few places have had more experience with the Corps of Engineers and flood protection than Minot, but Southern Lousiana is one place that can probably make the claim. And with experience, comes the opportunity to be constructively critical. Check out this editorial from the Daily Comet calling for a reorganization of the Corps interior related

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It’s slower traffic, not wider roads that saves lives

Pedestrian versus car accidents are on the increase and the culprit is challenging a long-held engineering and design mindset. Wider roads — a design concept delivered into our neighborhoods under the guise of safety —  send signals to drivers that it’s OK to speed up, but they make life miserable for bikers and pedestrians. When

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