North Dakota walleye fisheries in great shape, you can help keep it that way!

North Dakota’s walleye fisheries — particularly those a part of the Missouri River system and Lake Sakakawea are in great shape. But that doesn’t just happen. The health of the fish resource is regularly monitored by North Dakota Game and Fish and policies and stocking practices are aligned to match needs. And it’s tagging studies

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This is what happens when you cap property taxes; it’s not good

Property taxes — we all hate them. Naturally, as a result of our disdain, we seek to remove that which we don’t like. This attitude is prevalent in North Dakota. In the past, we’ve voted down initiated measures that sought to eliminate property tax; in the recently closed legislative session, the House killed a bill

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In one Minnesota lake, researchers remove invasive ‘lake killer’ by hand

When an invasive species takes root, it’s often the sign of an unfortunate end to a favorite place. But in Grand Lake, near Rockville, MN, the hopeful solution was biblical — painstaking labor. And after a couple years of disciplined hand pulling the starry stonewort from the water, they’ve got the plant on the run.

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Regina’s residential construction industry in ‘deep recession’

In an insular world, it’s easy to think we’re the only people and place facing a down economy. It’s not so as this article from the Regina Leader Post points out. Also worth noting, the cause attached to the slow down; top-down policies that carry consequences into places they weren’t intended for. It’s a call

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Social Security for me but not for thee

In sixteen years, benefits paid out by the Social Security Administration will exceed generated surpluses. The options of the federal government at that time will be to reduce payments to the retired and/or disabled, increase payroll taxes on employers, employees or both, raise the cap on taxable wages, increase the age of retirement, or all

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The story of creating North Dakota’s first National Park

Prairie Public’s Dakota Datebook has the story on the creation of North Dakota’s first national park. And here’s a hint — it’s not the one you think it is. Follow the link at the bottom for the full story, but here’s a teaser. “Conservation and rural life policies are really two sides to the same

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Farmers, watch your barns, especially if they’re old

When it comes to home styles, rustic chic is in, and that means old, weathered barn wood is in high demand. And no part of the country is being spared the scourge of thieves with an eye for farmhouse sinks. Quartz has all the details on a trend our grand parents wouldn’t believe.

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How well do electric vehicles perform in cold weather?

Winter’s over (hopefully) but if you’re thinking about a new car purchase and wondering about going electric, you’ll want to be extra mindful of our longest season. Why? We all know batteries don’t perform as well in winter, and electric cars have lots of batteries. Want to know how much performance your prone to to

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