Snow plows and marijuana laws on Minot City Council agenda for July 1, 2019

Minot City Council will meet Monday, July 1st, 5:30 pm at Minot City Hall to consider the agenda below. City Council meetings are open to the public or can be viewed on the City’s Youtube channel here or Facebook page here. 1. ROLL CALL 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 3. PERSONAL APPEARANCES 4. PUBLIC HEARING- BUILDING

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Washington’s wealthiest town — home to Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates — going broke due to property tax restrictions

Outside of Seattle, the town of Medina is home to both Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. But claiming fame due to two wealthy citizens doesn’t excuse the city from financial woes created by Washington’s property tax restrictions. In Washington, a 2007 law prevents municipalities from increasing property tax revenue by more than 1% annually unless

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Rural emergency: North Dakota ambulance services fight alarming lack of EMTs

There’s an emerging emergency in North Dakota’s small towns — a lack of people trained and willing to work as emergency medical professionals. The jobs are stressful, and in small towns, often involve responding to incidents involving people first responders know. Plus, if there’s pay, its minimal. Get the full story from the Fargo Forum.

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OSU study says pitbulls and dogs with wide mouths cause most damage when bites occur

In a study on dog bite severity by breed and type conducted by Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, researchers looked at data from 15 years of emergency room visits and information from other studies. Their findings: injuries from pitbulls are more frequent and severe. Watch the video recap of the study and read the full

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Minot City Council Agenda, Monday, June 17, 2019

Minot’s City Council will meet for their second of two regular monthly meetings to consider the agenda below on Monday, June 17th at 5:30 p.m. All meetings are open to the public and can be attended at Minot City Hall or watched via Internet livestream through the City’s Facebook page here or Youtube Channel here.

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Are you willing to secretly pay more for Walmart, Menards, Target, Home Depot and other big box stores?

Have you heard of the retail apocalypse? It’s in the news on a regular basis; think of the headlines of all the big retailers like Sears closing stores. The impact of these closings and the often-distressed sale or lease of the associated properties is creating a record of low-value market comparables. When it comes to

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When cities take over trash collection, they take heat — but it pays off, too

Do you appreciate the City of Minot’s standardized trash service? Or, do you think the city should stay out and let the private industry pick-up our weekly discharge? We’ve heard both sides of the argument in the recent past during discussions about landfill expansion. To see a different perspective, we only have to look to

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What makes a good neighborhood?

The Brainerd, Minnesota Planning Commission is asking the question what makes a good neighborhood? Is it walk-ability, a mix of businesses among the houses, is it having housing of one type separated from housing of another type? The answers aren’t static, but they do have to be discovered. And the manner in which Brainerd is

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