Minot take note — A new generation of ‘Mayo spouses’ are changing Rochester’s food scene

Until a few years ago, a Texas Roadhouse franchise was a regular on Rochester’s best restaurant lists. Not so, today. And it’s nothing against Texas Roadhouse — the change is that several locally owned unique restaurants have opened their doors. And it’s the source of business ownership that’s worth noting — it’s the trailing spouses

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Minneapolis eases liquor license restrictions, restaurants flock to opportunity offering craft cocktail experiences

When it comes to liquor, the City of Minneapolis chose to take a step back and do a little deregulating. As a step of confirmation, they offered the idea to the citizens through a city charter change; the public supported it overwhelmingly (72% yes). And now, in the first season that restaurants were offered the

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Fargo tourism says: drink beer at local places, earn t-shirt

It’s the place where everything’s flat — except the beer! It’s part of Fargo’s effort to capture and celebrate beer, food, and dining as part of the culture and an attraction for the region. Get the full story on what seems like an obvious win for the tourism department from the Fargo Forum.

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How Entrepreneurs Are Tapping Into the Power of Local

For decades cities across our region tried to crack the job creation nut. How do we create more jobs? But perhaps we’ve been looking at the problem the wrong way, perhaps we shouldn’t be looking to attract jobs, but rather, the specific individuals — entrepreneurs — that create them. If this article from Next City

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Legislative study would look at filming incentives for North Dakota

Have you observed a movie in the making? For the big Hollywood films, it’s quite a production. Imagine moving a small town’s amount of people to a new location for a couple months. They need food, housing, occasional entertainment. In other words, if your town can land a movie production, it’s quite the economic boon.

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Estevan Council amends economic incentives package

The City of Estevan is taking a closer look at its economic development incentives and moving toward some revisions. And what outcomes are they hoping to achieve? Providing better support for small businesses and making sure their incentives are aligned with the City’s larger goals and vision. If this sounds familiar, much of Minot’s work

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Grand Forks UAS initiative cleared to fly beyond line of sight

The drone/UAS business is moving fast, but one of the big squelch points has been removed. Previously, flying commercial drones beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS) was not allowed. Yesterday, that changed — at least in the Grand Forks Area. The full news release from Senator Hoeven’s office follows below, but the announcement therein

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The Case for Small Commercial Spaces

What type of land development fosters an entrepreneurial ecosystem? If we think in terms of the biological ecosystem, we don’t have sustainability unless there are species at every level of the food chain. That metaphor speaks to a start-small mentality; this commentary from Strong Towns does also.

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