‘It has to be dealt with’: what is the future for midwest towns affected by flood

Up and down the the rivers of the Midwest, towns are reeling. Some are just reemerging after being underwater for weeks. And while politicians continue to debate the credibility of climate change science, the attitudes of some people on the ground and in the water are starting to sway. Check out the article linked below

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When ‘100-year floods’ happen often, what should you call them?

It started early and it’s still going; I’m talking about flood season and flood season media coverage across the country. In Minnesota, they’re asking the questions about what it really means to be in a 100-year flood plain if the water comes every few years. Whether it’s nature that’s changing or some form of observation

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County Will See Millions In Flood Protection Work

The State Legislature appropriated $82.5 million to the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project this past session. Of that, it’s expected that almost 40% will go toward projects outside the City of Minot including work in Burlington an on Minot’s West edge in the Tierracita Vallejo neighborhood. Jim Olson with KX News has the full

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Burgum signs water bill

Flood protection for Minot was appropriated $82.5 million in state dollars in the next biennium. Fargo secured a commitment, which is different than an appropriation, for $750 million for their $2.7 billion project. Get the full story from inForum.

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Water budget bill moves to Governor amid speculation of veto

Among the biggest bills for Minot in this session is the Water Commission appropriation bill. This is the legislation that includes dollars for Minot’s flood protection. The version heading to the governor includes $82.5 million for Minot in the next two years. That’s less than Minot was seeking but more than was included in earlier

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Cedar Rapids Learns from Past Floods to Protect City

Cedar Rapids flooded in three years before Minot, and there are enough similarities between the town and recovery that their work is worth watching. This article from Engineering News-Record provides a nice recap of their progress and calls particular attention to making use of opportunities as they present themselves. Flood fight days are a huge

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Broadway intersection to close for flood protection work

Flood protection work around the Sammy’s Pizza and the new Broadway pump station are going to create a major traffic disruption in May. From May 12 through May 21, the intersection will be closed completely. This 10-day closure will shorten the time of 2-lane traffic by several months. Jill Schramm with the Minot Daily News

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Federal flood protection funding for Minot takes a step forward

Senator Hoeven was in Minot yesterday with U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Chief Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite. After a round table discussion that included representatives from many other federal agencies on the topic of funding Minot’s current and future phases of flood protection, General Semonite signed the Chief’s report — the culmination of a nearly

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