Congratulations to That German Place!

For what small businesses bring to our community in the form of new products, flavors, and experiences — I’m not sure we celebrate them enough. And when they newly open, we have all the more reason. To that end, That German Place opened today; congratulations to owners Stephanie and Chad, an thanks for taking the

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Minneapolis’s unique approach to community engagement — bridge dining

When you’re about to rebuild an Interstate Highway through a community, how do you reach out to citizens to get their thoughts? In Minneapolis, the MNDOT’s approach: host dinner on a bridge overlooking the construction site. It’s an idea worth noting because if you’ve ever been to government attempt at community engagement (information and idea

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Are the Internet decks stacked against the Minot’s ‘shop local’ message?

Shop local! It’s the mantra preached, spoken, sung, by community-minded people across the world. It makes sense — dollars that stay have a bigger impact than those that drive away. And there’s plenty of evidence that suggests these small changes in behavior have big impacts on places. But in a global market place where local

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Another week, another voter-rejected school bond proposal

Another Williston-area school district was asking for bond authority to build new schools. The voters said no. This theme has been on replay across Western North Dakota in recent months. It matters in Minot because we have our own school capacity problem. But Minot School officials remain mum on what the plan or approach is

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Are better cities the key to curing America’s obesity epidemic?

Are you trying to lose a few pounds before summer? Is your self-discipline toward diet and exercise a little lacking? Maybe the problem isn’t you, maybe it’s the place you live. What if the place you lived invited you to live a life that made walking natural, made hidden exercise a part of your daily

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In this college class, the assignment is to solve a local problem

At a California a School often vilified for in our part of the world for being a haven for progressive policy and activism, students are being asked to look inward — at their own cities — to identify and solve a local problem. Fast Company has the full story on the ‘Hacking For Local‘ class.

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Bozeman’s plan to bring the crowd back to Main Street

“When [people] have choices they’re choosing to live or relocate to places that are amenity rich, meaning vibrant community corridors or vibrant downtowns that offer unique social experiences in terms of different kinds of services and retail and restaurant offerings.” — Patrick Frey, Main Street America Minot’s been on its own mission to fully capitalize

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St. Paul to steer charitable gambling revenue to low-income youth

Do you ever wonder where money from charitable gambling in Minot goes? Most gaming sites are located in bars, and all of them are sponsored by a non-profit organization in some form. Revenues from gaming go back to benefit that non-profit. It’s a revenue source that’s had a huge impact on how Minot looks today,

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