Summer fun is blowing up in Brandon

Is the future of outdoor water recreation inflated? This year in Brandon, the answer is yes. Check out this story from the Brandon Sun (pictures included) that shows one neighboring city’s new approach to summer water recreation. Cover image credit goes to Tim Smith of the Brandon Sun.

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Economic tax incentives being used to advance research and reduce emissions in Bakken

What do you do with a byproduct of the coal power generating industry that’s bad for the environment? In North Dakota, the goal is to use it to enhance the recovery of oil. And when that oil comes out, producers will enjoy an exemption from oil production taxes. Luke Geiver writing with North American Shale

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Teams searching for cheap way to stop algae blooms, with $10 million prize on the line

You have an efficient, cost-effective way to remove phosphorous from freshwater bodies? If so, you may want to enter it into an innovation competition sponsored The Everglades Foundation in Florida. The prize: $10,000,000. Whether North or South, algae blooms are an increasing problem and one of the primary contributors is phosphorus-rich runoff that feeds the

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Public engagement in local decisions evolving rapidly on the shoulders of technology

How do we awaken citizens from their apathy and get them engaged with the decisions being made in their communities? One town in Colorado made an investment in technology, trashed the traditional model that only allowed input at live meetings, and catered to the lives of their citizens. The result is a cross-section of public

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Physics can explain human innovation and enlightenment

Have you ever had an object in your way but because it was always there or because you were used to where it sat, you walked around it? Or imagine a large obstruction being removed from a fast flowing river; everything is different after the object is removed. This is the foundation of the flow-theory

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Minnesota power company looks to study big battery concept in South Dakota

One of the downsides of wind energy is there are times when it produces power that it isn’t demanded. That creates a storage problem. A Minnesota-based power company is looking to store that energy by pumping Missouri River water uphill where it can later be released for hydro-electric power generation. The Fargo Forum has the story

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A small town in Iceland created a “levitating” crosswalk to slow traffic

What do you get when place value on pedestrian safety and innovative design? It’s easier just to watch the video below.

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Small Town Reclaims Former Mental Hospital as Arts Haven

What do you do with a giant unused hospital? If Trinity’s plan to build new on the South side of Minot takes shape, that’s an issue we’ll be dealing with as a community. Here’s an idea from not that far away that suggests a creative use may be in order.

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