N.D. farmers Vertically Integrating with Investments in East Coast Restaurants

How do you make a product or a company more profitable? There are lots of ways including reducing costs through innovative practices, creating a differentiated product that commands a higher price. And there’s also vertical integration — the method of getting control of the supply chain and middlemen that separate a raw product from the

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Public servants to go on blind coffee dates for innovation

What does innovation in government look like? In Victoria, Australia, it’s as simple as going for coffee. What matters is who is doing the going, and when it’s two public servants who typically live in separate silos, the results can be transformative. The exciting part for those living in Victoria is this is just one

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A Remote Chinese Province Uses Its Climate To Grow A Big-Data Industry

What does a Southwest China have in common with North Dakota? A cool climate, cheap energy, and a steady wind. Why should we care? Because the Guizhou province of China has built a data storage industry around their natural assets. As we take up the conversation about building a sustainable economy here in Minot, perhaps we

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Entrepreneurial Administration as a Goal for Public Administration

“On the conventional telling, public agencies follow specific grants of regulatory authority, use the traditional tools of notice-and-comment rulemaking and adjudication, and are checked by judicial review. In reality, however, effective administration depends on entrepreneurial leadership that spearheads policy experimentation and trial-and-error problem-solving, including the development of regulatory programs that use non-traditional tools.”

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In Crookston, Housing and economic development organizations combine

The challenges and methods for dealing with those challenges of cities across the region is strikingly similar. Job creation and economic growth are challenges that nearly every smaller community deals with, and in Crookston, MN, they’ve been managing those efforts from two different organizations. But a lack of resources and overlapping missions forced them into

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The biggest infrastructure project in the US is a 3,000-mile bike path

It’s called the East Coast Greenway; it connects Maine to Florida, and it’s being funded by private donors, state, and local governments. The goal is connectivity. Read the full story on Quartz.

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Winnipeg economic development agency holding Railside Promenade ideas competition

In Winnipeg, The Forks Renewal Corporation, the city’s economic development agency, is looking to spur redevelopment in a neighborhood dominated by wide roads and parking lots. And how are they going about doing it? They’re holding a design competition. They’ve set basic goals of what they want to accomplish and the terms of what’s required

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Watch & Learn: Pennsylvania Kindergartners Swap Grades for Badges

A skill learned, a concept is mastered, and a badge is the reward. It’s a simple, beautiful concept present in all areas of our culture, but it’s been less prevalent¬†in our classrooms. Until now. A school district in Pennsylvania has thrown grades out for their younger students and is now incentivizing learning through the earning

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