Evidence for a New Economic Development Model?

Economic growth, economic diversity, these are buzzwords in North Dakota and in Minot right now. The City’s NDR application talks about it; our consultant on the project, CDM Smith, even has a $300,000 budget to create an ‘Economic Development Strategic Plan for Minot & Ward County’. We also have the MAGIC fund, a sales-tax-funded pot

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Bismarck High School Solves IT Challenges with Tech Club

Bismarck’s Legacy High School is on the newer end of the spectrum, but it’s not just the building that has a different feel — there’s also some new approaches to education. One example, instead of employing an IT staff to take care school’s computers and tech hardware, they’ve insourced the job directly to students. The

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Simple oil field invention could save lives

A Watford City welder with a good idea that makes the oil-field safer is taking his idea to an Innovation and Energy competition sponsored by Tioga’s Economic Development arm. But the idea is already in production and orders are coming in. Check out the story on the Bismarck Tribune.

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Fargo Citizens Discuss Main Avenue Reconstruction

It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but in Fargo, citizens are discussing a new approach to economic development via infrastructure. And it’s not about bigger, wider roads. It’s actually focused on slower speeds, more on-street parking, and larger sidewalks. It turns out that is the recipe that attracts pedestrians and businesses.

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An Algorithm Is Replacing Bail Hearings in New Jersey

When an individual is arrested for a crime, they’re typically required to post a bond in order to be released until their trial. But what is the bond rate set at? Typically a judge sets that rate based on an assessment of risk that the defendant¬†will return to stand trial. But in New Jersey, the

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Bring Your Ideas — It’s an Opportunity to BuildMinot!

The community-minded folks at the Minot Public Library are making some noise for a new idea focused on gathering new ideas. The video below is a minute long and it tells the story of everything you need to know about where to take your idea for the Magic City.

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Idea for Minot? Fargo contractors get stick and carrot from city to get roads done early

Frustrated by contractors who seemingly never completed work on time, the City of Fargo has begun building both bonus and penalty incentives into the city’s construction contracts. Get done early, get paid more. Get done late, get paid less. Call it the carrot and the stick method if you want, but early results in Fargo

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ND teacher talks on technology in education at Twitter headquarters

Kayla Delzer, A 3rd-grade teacher in Mapleton, is taking tech integration to new places in teaching, and for her efforts, she was invited to speak at a Digital Citizenship Summit at Twitter headquarters in San Fransisco. Here’s the quote you should remember about education today, “Sixty-five percent of today’s schoolchildren will be employed in jobs

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