Bismarck mulls offering liquor licenses based on estimated census

The Bismarck City Commission has requested City staff draft ordinance language that would move the City to releasing population-quota liquor licenses based on the annual census estimate rather than the 10-year census. Here’s the quote from City Commissioner Shawn Oban: “I think if there’s an appetite for increasing competition and allowing more folks to get

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Know a young adult with an interest in law enforcement?

Do you know a young adult with an interest in law enforcement or one who’s contemplating a career in the criminal justice field? If so, the Minot Regional Law Enforcement Explorer program may be of interest to you. Watch the video below for the full explanation from Officer Jared Foley, one of the organizers of

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A wonderful send-off

My Gramma Brose lived in Broken Arrow, OK, when she died at the home of her daughter. She had lung problems and moved there from Minneapolis, MN, to get out of the cold, harsh winters. As her health deteriorated and it got to the point her son-in-law had to change her diaper, she decided that

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Magic City Discovery Center unveils exhibit concepts

Fundraising for the Magic City Disovery Center is moving along; efforts thus far have raised nearly 60% of the needed $7 million. Ground breaking is expected as that number gets a bit closer to 100%, but in the meantime, organizers are showing off plans for some of the exhibits they’re developing. Jill Schramm with the

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Filling in the blanks, a perspective on implementing infill development

Have you heard talk of ‘infill development’ lately? If you’ve followed the local news, probably; it has been a common talking point over the past few years in Minot. It’s also a core principle of Governor Burgum’s Main Street Initiative. In concept, the idea is simple. Focus development towards the urban core of a city

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NAWS takes a legal step forward, Missouri loses appeal

Today, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the State of Missouri in its attempt to stop the NAWS project. The water supply project which was first authorized by Congress in 1986 ran into legal battles shortly after construction and has been delayed for more than a decade. The ruling clears yet another obstacle

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Hitchhiking to Egypt and ancient life on the Giza Plateau

This week’s second hour of #GoodTalk Minot featured Minot-native Dr. Mark Lehner, world renown authority on what life was really like at the time the Great Sphinx and pyramids were built. As interesting as the ancient Egypt side of the conversation is, you may appreciate the story of how Dr. Lehner found himself there in

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From the Air Force to the Army and back again, A conversation with Mike Sian

Yesterday’s first episode of #GoodTalk Minot featured Mike Sian. Mike is a new business owner with Spectrum Fitness on Minot’s North Hill and has a long history with the military and martial arts. We cover all these topics and more in this conversation.

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