State Health Department Reports Flu on the Rise

The North Dakota Department of Health is reporting a growing number of confirmed flu cases, with large increases in the last couple weeks. The CDC previously warned of what would likely be a tough flu season, and early evidence suggests they were probably right. “For the third season in a row, influenza activity is starting

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Fast-Tracking Fargo Flood Protection?

A group in Fargo is looking to change the funding structure of the large-scale diversion project in order to move construction along more quickly. For Minot, any flood protection concepts that speed things along qualify as important news.

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An Explanation of Your Property Tax Statement

Your property tax isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well take a minute and get acquainted with your statement. This video produced by the Tax Commissioner’s office let’s you know what to look for.

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CDC: Early Data Suggests Potentially Severe Flu Season

The Center for Disease Control issued a news release Thursday warning of what is shaping up to be a rough flu season.The full news release is included below, but we’ll hit a couple of the important points first and add a bit of our own old-fashioned wisdom. Get a flu shot. Especially if you’re very young, older,

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Governor Dalrymple Releases 2015-2017 Budget

Governor Dalyrmple released his proposed budget for the 2015-2017 biennium. The proposed $15.7 billion budget is a record amount that includes significant spending for oil impacted counties. For independent press coverage of the budget, read Nick Smith’s article on the Bismarck Tribune. The Governor’s complete news release on the budget including pdf versions of charts

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Commentary on Oil Prices

The video below offers some pundit commentary on oil prices and the where the Bakken sits in the global picture. Do we have any local producers reading? What do you think? * Advertising delivered by outside content producer.

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Minot Air Force Base in Winter

If a picture says a thousand words, this one says 'wow' for every one of them. There's no news here, just a picture you need to see in full detail.

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Tremor Dampening Spoon by Lift Labs

At the intersection of technology and real world problems, we have company called Lift Labs. They’ve created a spoon that dampens the effect of involuntary tremors caused by conditions such as essential tremor (ET) and Parkinson’s disease. Google recently acquired the company, and while the product is still fairly expensive ($295), the life value it has

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