Tremor Dampening Spoon by Lift Labs

At the intersection of technology and real world problems, we have company called Lift Labs. They’ve created a spoon that dampens the effect of involuntary tremors caused by conditions such as essential tremor (ET) and Parkinson’s disease. Google recently acquired the company, and while the product is still fairly expensive ($295), the life value it has

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Is it Time for Little Self Examination?

The energy revolution we’ve been privileged to embrace over the past almost-ten years has been nothing short of remarkable. Western North Dakota has been transformed from poor to wealthy, from surviving to thriving, from a national after thought… to national and even world relevance. We are the standard bearer for creating a friendly, energy-development environment

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The Flood of 2011… What Did We Learn?

We’re more than three years removed from a very hard summer; life has gotten on with it self. The lessons we learned run the gamut… from hopeful to pessimistic, from tragic to humorous, so we’re asking the question — what did the flood teach you? Here’s a few to get you started… Little river, Big valley.

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Senators Hoeven & Heitkamp Working Jointly to Promote UAV Mission in Grand Forks

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) look to have a strong future in Grand Forks as both Senators Hoeven and Heitkamp are working jointly to sell the benefits of locating the mission at the Grand Forks Air Force Base. A key selling point for Grand Forks is the Grand Sky Technology Park, a 217 acre technology and

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Team Minot Dominates Global Strike Command Competition

Great story for MAFB and the 91st Missile Wing. It has been a tough couple years for this mission dealing with leadership and moral issues, but clearly things are turning around. Congratulations! Read more here:

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Legislative Races Trend Heavily Towards Republicans

Statewide legislative elections trended heavily towards Republicans. In the Senate, Republicans won 19 of 24 open Senate seats. In the House, Republicans won seats by a margin of 39 to 9. Local Legislative Results 3rd Legislative District Senate ELECTED: (R) Oley Larson: ~56% (D) Lisa Wolf: ~43% House ELECTED: (R) Andrew Maragos: ~34.5% ELECTED: (R)

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Ward County Elections: Fjeldahl and Louser Win County Commission Seats

The only contested Ward County race was for the County Commission with three candidates, John Fjeldahl, Larry Louser, and Kari Conrad competing for two available seats. Ward County Commission (2 Seats) ELECTED: John Fjeldahl (11,750) ELECTED: Larry Louser (10,002) Kari Conrad (9,197) Other Ward County Officials winning election in uncontested races include: Roza Larson (County

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Republicans Sweep State Offices

Considering our voting tendencies the results aren’t overly surprising, but there were a couple races that gave the impression they would a bit more competitive. They were not. U.S. House of Representatives ELECTED: (R) Kevin Cramer: ~55.5% (137,569) (D) George Sinner: ~38.5% (95,355) (L) Robert “Jack” Seaman: ~6% (14,476) Secretary of State ELECTED: (R) Al

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