Estevan Rain Event Poses no Flood Threat to Minot and Other Communities

Following a significant rain event in the upper portion of the Souris River basin on Sunday, the City of Minot issued the following news release to address concerns about a repeat of the 2011 flood. In short, the circumstances Sunday’s rain event are significantly different than 2011 and there is no threat of flooding in Minot at this time. The full news release follows below.

— Official News Release, City of Minot —

Heavy rains that caused flash flooding upstream of the Mouse River, in Estevan, Saskatchewan, will not result in any flooding downstream. This is the current report given to water officials along the river system. On Sunday, approximately five inches of rain fell in the span of two hours in the Canadian city of Estevan near the Rafferty Dam, which feeds into the Souris/Mouse River. According to Canadian officials that oversee water flow around the basin that drains into the Mouse River, the flooding was from a localized rainfall and impacts only the immediate area of the watershed. Flowing waters will not cause flooding to communities downstream.

City of Minot Public Works Director, Dan Jonasson, says many citizens heard the news and are fearful of a repeat of the 2011 flood. Jonasson says this rainfall is drastically different. “Unlike the rain that fell north of the border in 2011 this is a localized event that, is very small in size, and will stay that way,” Jonasson said. “In 2011 the rain that caused a rush of water to flow into the system was far more widespread across the entire drainage basin, not localized to a small area immediately over Estevan, like this event, that the Estevan area saw this weekend. We’ve been assured that the reservoirs north of us have plenty of room to handle this.”

Additionally, the City of Minot Mayor, Chuck Barney, says the flooding being endured by our neighbors to the north is something the City of Minot is very empathetic toward. “Given our history and working relationship with the people of Estevan and surrounding communities, it’s important they know that they have our sincerest wishes and help if they do so need it.” Says Mayor Barney. “We [the City of Minot] want to extend our neighborly hand out to help anyway possible as the citizens are fending off waters.”

The City of Minot Public Works department will continue to stay in contact with water officials upstream to ensure no significant increase in stream flow is being reported. The Rafferty Dam and Boundary Reservoirs are reported to have over 3 feet of storage before they reach full supply levels. Lake Darling Dam is also one foot lower than normal operating levels for this time of year.

For additional information, please contact the Public Information Office at 701-857-4727 or email

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