Wanna Know Where That Thing You Just Bought Was Made?

The amount of ‘stuff’ inundating our lives is enormous. Have you ever wondered where it came from? In a world where drop-shipping and rebranding are quickly becoming the standard, it’s getting harder and harder to actually know the source of that thing you’re holding or wearing right now.

For the curious among us, the article from Chris Person linked below writing at The Verge may help you change that. Check out his article on ImportYeti below, it’s the tool that instantly searches shipping and import records to trace our stuff back to where it was actually made.

Who said the Internet wasn’t good for anything? And why did we publish this here on TheMinotVoice? We are one small place that’s part of a global community; acknowledging that is among our values. 

This article was sourced from:

Chris Person, The Verge


Josh Wolsky

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