#MakeMinot Launches ‘Yes’ Campaign for June 14 Reform Vote

As #MakeMinot, we’ve formally launched our campaign to vote ‘Yes’ on City Council reform at the June 14th Primary Election. The full news release follows below.

— Official News Release, #MakeMinot —

A group organized to advocate City Council reform in Minot has announced their campaign to support a ‘Yes’ vote on a reform question that’s been placed on the ballot at the upcoming primary election.

On June 14, 2016, Minot residents will be asked if they want to change from the current Council system of government with 14 Aldermen elected from 7 Wards to a Modern Council system made up of 6 Aldermen and a voting Mayor, all elected at-large. #MakeMinot, the group associated with moving the question to the ballot will be supporting the initiative.

“We’re excited to finally have this conversation. Over the next few months, we’ll be inviting lots of discussion with the hopes of drawing out the best arguments both in favor and against the reform plan, so when we all head to the polls in June, we go as informed voters with a clear picture of what we want the future of Minot’s government to look like,” said Shaun Sipma, Spokesperson for #MakeMinot. “There’s no such thing as a perfect plan, but the one in front of us in June is a good one, and we’ll be supporting a ‘Yes’ vote” added Sipma.

The campaign will focus around the theme #MakeMinot #OneMinot #June14.

“The campaign theme really captures our goals. We’d like to see Minot unified under an at-large system. The Wards complicate the civic process for voters, and when our system makes participation hard, we see less buy-in from citizens,” said Sipma.

The #MakeMinot #OneMinot campaign will focus on informing citizens about the importance of the June vote and the issues in play; one key aspect will be personal outreach. “We hope to get in front of as many people as we can. We’re going to make ourselves available to any group of four or more that wants to have a discussion on City Council reform. Whether it’s a coffee club, a church group, or a business or service organization, we’ll get someone there to answer questions and talk about the plan. All we need is an invitation,” said Sipma.

Those interested in learning more about the reform plan, getting involved with the campaign, or extending an invitation to speak are encouraged to get in touch via the #MakeMinot website at www.MakeMinot.com and Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MakeMinot.

Josh Wolsky

Editor and Publisher of TheMinotVoice, Developer of the #ForMinot Network,  Co-Host of #GoodTalk Minot, Advocate and Friend of the Souris River, Former City Alderman, and clearly -- all things #MakeMinot. Go ahead, don't wait for permission!

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