Minot Police make arrest in homicide

The Minot Police Department made an arrest in the homicide of 55-year-old Mark Vickerman. Mr. Vickerman was discovered deceased at an NW Minot residence on Friday afternoon. The news release on the arrest is below.

— Official News Release, Minot Police Department —

28-year-old Christopher Vickerman of Minot has been arrested and charged with Class AA Felony Murder in connection to Friday’s shooting in NW Minot. Christopher Vickerman is the son of the victim, who was identified as 55-year-old Mark Vickerman. The investigation is still continuing and an autopsy is scheduled for this week in Bismarck. Vickerman is currently being held in Ward County Jail.

We want to thank the countless people in the community that assisted during the course of this investigation over the past 2 days.

Josh Wolsky

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2 comments on “Minot Police make arrest in homicide

Kevin Keyes

Josh is the MPD ever going to stop having sympathy for sex offenders and using them as drug informants?
This is the 21st-century and they’ve been doing it for decades!

Josh Wolsky

Hi Kevin,
I don’t know anything about this topic, and your question packs in a whole bunch of assumptions — none of which I know to be true. Here’s what I know to be true about members of the Minot PD — they are a bunch of hardworking individuals who take their professional responsibility to uphold and enforce the law seriously, and they care tremendously about this community.

While nobody’s perfect, I think it’s our responsibility as members of the public to question ourselves when we hear stories or examples that are out of alignment with high ideals and principles that guide professional law enforcement. The presumptions built into your question immediately leads me to this thinking — that there must be some part of the story, the one you’re using as the basis for your question, that you’re missing. Plus, we all know that in law enforcement and prosecution, we never get the full story. That’s because getting a conviction is far more difficult than making an arrest — that’s why many important details don’t make into our regular-people coffee conversations.

That said, I’m in the Police Department’s Citizen’s Academy for the rest of this month; I’ll ask about this — perhaps we’ll be able to get a direct response from the PD.

Josh Wolsky

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