Minot Police Officer Attacked by Dog

Tuesday night, Minot police were responding to a suspicious vehicle behind a business on North Broadway when an officer was attacked by a dog. The incident resulted in the officer shooting and killing the dog. The full news release from the Minot Police Department follows below. The occupant of the vehicle was arrested on multiple charges. The incident is under investigation.

— Official News Release, Minot Police Department —

At about 11:47 PM on January 19th, Minot police officers made contact with a suspicious vehicle parked behind the Garage Lounge at 1205 North Broadway. While officers approached the vehicle, a German shepherd cross, under the occupant’s control attacked one of the officers. The officer attempted to retreat to give the occupant an opportunity to call the dog back and avoid an attack, but the dog continued to be aggressive and lunged at the officer leading to the officer shooting and killing the dog.

Neither of the officers on scene were injured during the incident. The occupant of the vehicle, 23-year-old Derrick J. Corson, was arrested for an outstanding warrant, and additionally charged with Driving Under Suspension, False Information to Law Enforcement, and Vicious Animal. Corson was transported to Ward County Jail.

It was determined that Corson was not the owner of the dog. The owner was contacted and notified of the incident and took possession of the dog.

The incident is being reviewed by the department in accordance with its use of force policy.

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