On the Agenda: A Home for TJ Maxx, Finance Committee Contemplates $19.4 Million for CDM Smith

It’s committee week for the City of Minot. That means the four standing committees that have business to advance to the full City Council meet before the regular monthly meeting. Typically these items are advanced by staff for discussion at the committee level, and if approved, forwarded to the full council for adoption. Here are the notable items from this month’s agendas:

Full agendas for each committee can be viewed here.

Planning Commission

It’s a relatively light agenda for the Planning Commission. Marketplace Foods is requesting approval of their plan to remodel their store at Dakota Square. The redeveloped property will include a site for TJ Maxx and an organic grocery store.

The Commission will also hear updates on the City’s sign ordinance that are being advanced by the steering committee. The Steering Committee met for 3.5 hours on May 20th to review and make recommendations related to the current ordinance.

Airport Committee

There are two contract and design items related to the demolition of the old terminal. The City hopes to complete this work yet this summer. There is a recommendation to hire Ulteig Engineering for a 5-year contract related to planning and environmental services at the airport. An RFQ was completed for this award.

Finance Committee

The City is transitioning to a new credit card payment processing  company for utility payments to improve service and eliminate the need to protect credit card information in house. This requires some payment account shuffling, but no additional spending.

Nuisance abatement in blighted homes has been an ongoing issue since the flood. Typically, when the City begins abatement on a property, the cost of that process is added as a property tax special assessment. The list of nuisance properties that are being assessed is being presented to committee for approval.

$152,650 is being requested to replace lighting at the Auditorium.

City staff is recommending the City enter into an agreement for administrative and project delivery services related to the City’s disaster resilience award  in the approximate amount of $19.4 million. This amount reflects 9.7% of the total estimated cost ($199,375,332) to complete planned resilience work.

Public Works & Safety

City staff is recommending we move forward on a plan to build a new water tank on the site of our existing North Hill water tank to increase capacity for fire fighting. The cost of the work is $3.5 million and will be paid State Water Commission funding and utility bonds.

An ordinance related to feral cats is up for adoption. The changes would allow Souris Valley Animal Shelter to proceed with an experimental trap, neuter, and release program in the hopes of better controlling the population.

The intersection of 16th St. and 31st Ave SW has been a problem, particularly for residential neighbors on the NW corner of the intersection. Staff and Aldermen have been meeting with neighborhood residents to work towards a resolution, and that plan is being presented to the committee.

Interior and parking lot paving for the Sertoma Softball Complex is recommended for approval. Work is estimated to cost $1.5 million.

Liquor & Gambling

An update to the City’s laws allowing those 18-years or older to serve alcohol in a restaurant is being recommended. The Tap Room will be under new ownership, and Thai Hot, the newly opened restaurant on West Central Avenue is requesting a license to sell beer and wine.

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