Are better cities the key to curing America’s obesity epidemic?

Are you trying to lose a few pounds before summer? Is your self-discipline toward diet and exercise a little lacking? Maybe the problem isn’t you, maybe it’s the place you live.

What if the place you lived invited you to live a life that made walking natural, made hidden exercise a part of your daily routine? There are places where the physical structure of the place encourage this. And in those places, people are healthier; people live longer.

The article from Quartz tells the whole story, but this quote stands out:

“We have hard evidence that when you optimize a city for walkability, bikeability, public transportation, and cleaned-up parks, you can raise the physical activity level of a whole population by up to 30%” — Dan Buettner, Founder of Blue Zones

This article was sourced from:

Andrew Merle, Quartz


Josh Wolsky

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