Comparing Minot to Austin, Texas? When it comes to land use priorities, we’re more similar than different

Parking, infill development, affordable housing, sustainability, water use and watershed protection — do any of these priorities sound familiar? These are just a few of the themes Minot’s in an ongoing state of evaluating. But how do other communities go about addressing these same challenges?

Check out this article out of Texas on how the Austin City Council is looking to address all these issues and more — through revision of the City’s land development code. Austin’s solution: it’s the policies (rules of the game) that set the players in motion. Also worth noting, the marathon meetings that it takes to hash out answers to difficult questions.

Minot’s work on land development policy is ongoing through bi-weekly meetings of the Zoning and Planning Steering Committee. Details of that committee’s work are available on the City of Minot website.

This article was sourced from:

Alyssa Goard, KXAN TV


Josh Wolsky

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