East Grand Forks City Council reviews proposed sales tax for upgrades to city’s recreational facilities

How does a place pay for the nice things it wants like parks and playgrounds? Taxes. And in East Grand Forks, the City Council is contemplating adding a sales tax to pay for adding and upgrading recreational facilities. The question on the tax isn’t if, it’s how much? And the answer is going to be either a one-cent tax or a three-quarter percent tax.

Why does it matter in Minot? Because when it comes other cities and towns in our region, we’re all competing for the same workforce. If we want to prosper, we have to attract people, so when other places take steps to improve their city (and attract people), we better take note. Plus, Minot previously had a community facility component of our sales tax. We pushed aside to use the dollars to pay for NAWS, but that project is coming to a close. Where will that money be redirected to?

This article was sourced from:

Meghan Arbegast, Grand Forks Herald


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