Local Politics Aren’t As Polarized As National Politics

Are you tired of hearing how divided America is? Maybe it’s just that we’re listening to the wrong people about the wrong topics. When it comes to local issues, Republicans and Democrats are much closer together on important issues than you’d probably assume. Check out this article from CityLab that breaks down the data on a number of issues that matter in cities across the country.

And if we’re to think of this root problem in capitalistic terms, do you think there’s a profit motive for media companies that keep our attention by making us angry and dividing us? Maybe a solution is to turn off the national news and look for something local to pick up.

Local media in Minot’s doing great — you’ve found yourself on one source today, but #GoodTalk Minot, The Minot Daily News, and The Minot Magazine give you a bunch of options if choose to stay informed if care about our place before politics.

This article was sourced from:

Richard Florida, CityLab


Josh Wolsky

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