Regina Making the Most of Winter with New Full Moon Festival, Suds & Sweaters, and Frost Festival

How do you take a new music and arts festival to a cosmic level right out of the gates? Schedule it in conjunction with a full moon, and build up to it with quarter moon and half moon celebrations. The Winter Moon Festival premiered last week in Regina; the focus of the multi-venue event music, poetry, indigenous storytelling.

Why does it matter in Minot? Regina is only a four hour drive in case you’re looking for something to do. And using the moon to inspire an event is an old idea made new again. It’s worthy noting in case it should be copied. Get the full story on the Full Moon Festival linked below.

It’s not the only winter celebration happening in Regina, either. Here’s the news on the Frost Festival and another fun spin-off, Suds & Sweaters. 

This article was sourced from:

Staff, Regina Leader Post


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