Togo native hopes to turn Grand Forks into cultural destination

Have you noticed all the outside perspectives published on It’s because, whether we acknowledge it or not, our place, our community — Minot — is in a fight for its life. We’re fighting against Grand Forks, against Bismarck, against Williston, against Pierre, against Brandon — against all of them plus the others unnamed.

What’s the precious resource we’re all trying to capture? One of them is people. People are the biggest choke-hold on our local economy. In other words, we have jobs but no one to fill them. Plus, people will fill up and use our unrealized development investments. That means more tax revenue (which means your share goes down).

That’s why this story matters. What do you think folks in Togo are whispering about Grand Forks today? One person, one story, and one huge ripple effect half a world away. How do you think our Scandinavian ancestors heard about North Dakota 140 years ago? It was through stories of opportunity.

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Bonnie Meibers, Grand Forks Herald


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