Winnipeg’s recycling cost to increase after too much ‘crap’ put into bins

The report on recycling will be delivered to Winnipeg City Council in June. While we don’t know the full amounts, it is known that the cost of recycling to the City and citizens will be going up. The reason: contamination rates. Much of Winnipeg’s recycling materials are hauled across the ocean to Malaysia or India,

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Regina’s residential construction industry in ‘deep recession’

In an insular world, it’s easy to think we’re the only people and place facing a down economy. It’s not so as this article from the Regina Leader Post points out. Also worth noting, the cause attached to the slow down; top-down policies that carry consequences into places they weren’t intended for. It’s a call

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In Brandon, downtown revitalization a concern

In a world where the information we’re exposed to is protected by our bubble, it’s easy to get the idea that we’re the only place with challenges and that all our challenge are unique. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Check out this post from the Brandon Sun. On any given Tuesday, you could

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What happens when a city chooses Uber to provide public transit?

Privatize, privatize, privatize! That’s the mantra of many who believe government does too much in our lives and in our communities. In Minot, this call has most recently been heard as a part of the City’s landfill and sanitation operations. The suggestion is that the private sector can do both better. But is that the

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Saskatchewan’s trespass law passes; visitors need consent from rural landowners

Among the most contentious issues in North Dakota’s recently completed legislative session were proposed changes to land-posting, trespass, and hunting access laws. In Saskatchewan, they’ve been wrestling with the exact same issue, and the genesis of their discussion is worth noting — when the relationship between landowners and hunters becomes adversarial, the environment for tragedy

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Brandon develops recreation focused 20-year master

How long into the future should we be planning? In Canada, the look forward is at least 20 years. Our neighbors to the North recently adopted a recreation plan that identifies the need for an outdoor aquatic center and more athletic fields. These themes are familiar. Minot’s Park District has been in a similar —

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Two more murals finished in downtown Brandon

Small towns across the region are tapping local artists to add atmosphere and vibrancy to their communities. Here’s a confirmation story from North of the border. Art is among the keys to making our place in Minot unique, but clearly, we’re not the only place striving to create a unique identity. But the real question

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Saskatchewan must act quickly in Chinese trade dispute

Have you noticed the global economy reorganizing in relation to all these trade conversations? Ask a soybean farmer if trade and tariff posturing and global politics matter in North Dakota; if they’re paying attention, they’ll tell you international politics matter on small North Dakota farms. And we’re not alone; our neighbors to the North are

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