Regina city council eliminates permit fee for new street-painting program

How do you build community? In Regina, street painting is one activity that’s showing promise. How do you discourage street painting? By charging a large administration free. The City’s administration was proposing just such a fee, but the City Council said otherwise. To them, the benefit was worth more than the cost of the not-inconsequential

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Filling in the blanks, a perspective on implementing infill development

Have you heard talk of ‘infill development’ lately? If you’ve followed the local news, probably; it has been a common talking point over the past few years in Minot. It’s also a core principle of Governor Burgum’s Main Street Initiative. In concept, the idea is simple. Focus development towards the urban core of a city

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Estevan Council amends economic incentives package

The City of Estevan is taking a closer look at its economic development incentives and moving toward some revisions. And what outcomes are they hoping to achieve? Providing better support for small businesses and making sure their incentives are aligned with the City’s larger goals and vision. If this sounds familiar, much of Minot’s work

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Zebra mussel larva found in source of Winnipeg’s drinking water

Zebra mussels wreak havoc. On boats, on water systems, on environments that they’re new to. And they’re coming. The North Dakota took steps this session to act more aggressively in coming years, here’s yet another sign that their action was prudent.

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U.S. scientist urges action to save Lake Winnipeg

Did you know it’s possible to kill a lake? It is; it happened to Lake Erie. And a scientist who studied that catastrophe sees a similar pattern repeating with Lake Winnipeg. Why does it matter in Minot? The culprit is nutrient loading — particularly phosphorous. If you’ve noticed algae blooms in Minot’s river, you know

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Province to launch review into how development projects carried out in Winnipeg

Wherever you go, government is at odds with itself. In North Dakota we reference state’s rights or local control — it depends who is pushing who around. In Canada, it’s Province versus City. And if you’re looking for a bit of political intrigue, this story out of Winnipeg has that, too.

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Greyhound exit from Canadian Prairie expected to spur innovation in transportation

A couple days ago, we called out an article from the Winnipeg Free Press noting a soon-to-be void in their transportation network because of the discontinuation of several Greyhound bus routes across the prairie. A few days before that, there was an article on how creating a void in a system fuels innovation. This article

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Greyhound abandons the Canadian prairies

Migration patterns of people and methods of transportation are in a state of disruption, and for the Canadian branch of Greyhound, those changes mean they can’t continue to support routes in Western Canada. Greyhound made the announcement citing a 41% decline in ridership over the past 10-years.

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