Creighton University’s Mid-America Economy Survey Releases December Results, Economic Confidence Waning

Creighton University produces a monthly economic report for nine states they have defined as middle America. The survey looks at economic indicators like production, inventories, employment, delivery lead times, prices, etc and puts them all together into a score. In December, that aggregate score dipped below ’50’ indicating we’re looking at some economic contraction. The

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Minnesota businesses get creative amid worker shortage

From pet insurance to flexible scheduling, business owners in Minnesota are innovating out of need, and the need is to adapt and survive amidst a challenging market for employees. It matters in Minot because our economy and businesses are facing the same pressures, so any ideas we can take from other places is worth a

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North Dakota partners with O’Leary Ventures on direct investment program

Bismarck, ND — The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today that the North Dakota Development Fund (NDDF) selected the nationally acclaimed generalist venture capital investment platform, O’Leary Ventures (OLV) as a partner to manage a $45 million direct investment program aimed at bolstering economic growth throughout the state. “North Dakota takes pride in being

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Dollar Stores Are the ‘Fastest-Growing’ Food Retailers In US, Study Finds

Food is one of those items we all need. But in communities across the country, access to fresh, local grocery stores is increasingly difficult to find. The trend is measurable, and the food source making up the difference — dollar stores. The problem is, food at dollar stores don’t carry fresh food. The second problem

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Montana beef processing ramps up, but more butchers are needed (Is there an Opportunity for Minot Here?)

Since the start of the pandemic, the amount of meat processed in Montana has grown by 75%. The number of cows processed annually is still a drop in the bucket compared to the national numbers, but it’s a small pushback against the large meat-packing consortium. And the demand for butchers is still growing. Get the

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ND Main Street Initiative reaches 100th community milestone

The Main Street Initiative (MSI) officially reached 100 designated MSI communities last week with Sheyenne becoming the newest community. “We are grateful for everyone across the state who has contributed to these ongoing efforts to create healthy, vibrant communities through the Main Street Initiative,” Gov. Doug Burgum said. “This milestone underscores the dedication and pride

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Downtown Fargo Developments Expand to Riverfront and Former Parking Lots

The renaissance of downtown Fargo shows no signs of slowing down. Two projects were recently approved by the City Commission. Kilbourn Group will be delivering a $28 million 114-apartment unit development along the riverfront, the goal is to bring that area to life. And another project will deliver a mixed-use commercial and residential development onto

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Firm seeks to build solar panel plant in Manitoba

The first phase of a possible solar industry cluster is in the works in southeast Manitoba. Companies of the same industry often cluster together because they benefit from proximity to each other. Sio Silica makes the first ingredient — pure quartz silica — that goes into the production of a host of other end products

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North Dakota rancher creates leatherwork ranging from functional to fashionable for clients across U.S.

A SW North Dakota rancher has turned a passion for working leather into a successful side business. It’s a story of quality workmanship, the use of new technology to reach an audience wider than the one in Bowman County and embracing product ideas outside the norms. Get the full story on a small business making

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North Dakota Development Fund approves $870K for Q4 2022

The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced today that two companies were approved for a total of $870,000 in loan funds through the North Dakota Development Fund (NDDF) during the fourth quarter of 2022. “Businesses across North Dakota continue to thrive due to the state’s favorable business climate, which not only encourages start-ups and expansions

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Relocation Programs Continue to Grow in Numbers in Rural America

One story down in our home page news feed, you’ll read about Finding the Good Life in North Dakota, it’s our state’s effort at telling the story that will attract people to fill all the open jobs that are holding our economy back. But North Dakota isn’t the only place playing this game. Other states,

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Souris-Glenwood Manitoba seeks place health-care workers can stay

For communities in need of essential workers, all solutions are on the table. And across the border in Manitoba, the small town of Souris needs healthcare workers. They also need places for them to stay. So they’re putting the two problems together to see if they can solve them jointly. Deliver the housing to help

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Trinity rejects MAGIC Fund loan

Toward the end of last year, Trinity Health made a request to the MAGIC Fund, the City of Minot’s economic development resource, for proposed improvements to the soon-to-open new hospital. City Council amended the request for a grant and converted it to an offer for a loan with a portion forgivable. Jill Schramm with the

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Council Says Yes to First Phase of $2.9 Million Epic TIF

This story is a week old but will remain part of ongoing coverage and commentary here on In the interim, this article linked below from Jill Schramm at The Minot Daily News can bring you up to speed on the City Council’s approval of a $2.9 million TIF for a mixed-use real estate development

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Questions before granting a $14.5 million tax incentive

Let me say at the outset, that I’m a supporter of tax incentives and TIF districts. The TIF district approved for the Big M building was an outstanding use; we the taxpayers would have owned and paid for the demolition of that building had it not been saved through use of a TIF. Sometimes the

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(TIF)Tax Increment Financing Simplfied

TIF stands for Tax Increment Financing. In a very simplified way, It works like this. Say you want to put a second-story addition on your one-story house. The second story will add three bedrooms and $100,000 of value to your house. And you know what comes with new value, right? Yep, added taxes. That new

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