Saskatchewan Watershed At Normal Levels Thus Far

The Souris River’s Saskatchewan headwaters make the snowpack of our northern neighbors local news. And the first report of 2023 indicates lots of storage in the reservoirs for Canadian prairie snow that will melt through Minot. The Souris Basin outlook is quoted below. “Both Rafferty Reservoir and Grant Devine Lake are below their prescribed February

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Mayor Ross talks flood protection, State of the City with KMOT

Mayor Ross stepped into the KMOT TV studio recently to talk three issues. The recent visit by students of NDSU’s architecture program, flood protection funding, and the upcoming State of the City event. Catch the full interview linked below. 

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How a Country Embraced the River It Feared

Few places fight floods as well as the Netherlands, but when it comes to their flood defenses, it’s the ocean-side efforts that get the attention. Lesser known is the degree to which they are innovatively managing their inland flooding risk from the River Waal. While no two rivers and no two floods are exactly alike,

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Billings enters the design phase for a downtown street conversion project

Designs for a downtown Billings makeover are underway. A big part of the project includes a traffic conversion from 1-way streets to 2-way streets that are safer for pedestrians and better for commerce. What’s especially interesting is how Billings plans to pay for the improvements; it’s with a Tax Increment Financing District (TIF). Why does

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Why private flood insurance is a positive for FHA-secured mortgages

The risk of required and rising flood insurance premiums offered by the National Flood Insurance Program has been a proverbial gun to Minot’s head over the past several years. And one problem has been the Federal government’s insistence on using the NFIP for FHA-backed mortgages. It’s a policy that keeps the private insurance market from

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Minot-area water projects get hearing

Minot’s water projects are front and center priorities this legislative session, as they have been for the past several sessions. At stake is state funding for shares of the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project and the Northwest Area Water Supply project. State dollars are needed to keep the projects moving. Thursday, Mayor Tom Ross

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Proposed Snowmobile Trail Along Grand Forks Greenway Sparks Controversy

A squabble is brewing in Grand Forks over the potential use of the Grand Forks Greenway by snowmobiles. Snowmobile users want better access to downtown Grand Forks and they say the greenway is the path to get there. Opponents of the plan worry about conflicts with other greenway users including pedestrians, cross-country skiers, and cyclists.

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A Completion Date for Flood Protection?

The City of Minot’s Assistant City Attorney and Legislative Liasion, Shane Goettle, gave the City Council an update at Monday evening’s regular City Council meeting. Flood protection funding was the area of focus, and the message was as follows: Minot’s flood protection advocacy team has been working since the summer to tell our story, and

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SRJB Proposes Fast-Track Flood Protection Funding Schedule

On a billion-dollar project that’s taking many years to complete, the faster you build it, the more you save. It’s because inflation raises the cost with every day and delay. That’s the premise of the SRJB’s approach to the upcoming legislative session where they’ll work on our behalf to secure regular, reliable funding from the

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When It Rains, These Philly Sidewalks Reveal A Hidden Message About Flood Resilience

How does a community speak to its citizens about the challenges they jointly face? It’s a question without right answers, but plenty of emerging ones. In Germantown, PA, the community faces a growing threat of infrastructure flooding. As they took to tackling the problem, they recognized they’d need new ways of engaging and educating those

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Public art brightens up flood protection in New York

Have you noticed Minot has a flood protection project going up? Have you noticed that it includes long stretches of tall, imposing, concrete walls? Our engineers have done their best to design a wall with a nice aesthetic, but we’re also going to be looking at this thing for the rest of our lives. Then

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A Floodable Bridge? Recreational uses with flood protection benefits

What does it take to get people across a river without creating an obstruction to waterflow that becomes a hazard during flooding? How about a bridge designed to go underwater that does a good job of letting water pass? If you’re curious, check out the article linked below from UrbanNext. It’s an idea we in

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City of Grand Forks sells City-Owned Buildings

Buildings acquired by the City of Grand Forks and redeveloped following the 1997 flood are being sold back to the private sector. Among the reasons, the City of Grand Forks doesn’t want to be in the business of competing with private landlords. It’s an idea near and dear here in Minot as we’ve made many

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‘It has to be dealt with’: what is the future for midwest towns affected by flood

Up and down the the rivers of the Midwest, towns are reeling. Some are just reemerging after being underwater for weeks. And while politicians continue to debate the credibility of climate change science, the attitudes of some people on the ground and in the water are starting to sway. Check out the article linked below

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When ‘100-year floods’ happen often, what should you call them?

It started early and it’s still going; I’m talking about flood season and flood season media coverage across the country. In Minnesota, they’re asking the questions about what it really means to be in a 100-year flood plain if the water comes every few years. Whether it’s nature that’s changing or some form of observation

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County Will See Millions In Flood Protection Work

The State Legislature appropriated $82.5 million to the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project this past session. Of that, it’s expected that almost 40% will go toward projects outside the City of Minot including work in Burlington an on Minot’s West edge in the Tierracita Vallejo neighborhood. Jim Olson with KX News has the full

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