Air Force continues to make big investments at Minot base

From operational improvements to quality of life investments for active duty personnel and their families, The federal government continues to make big investments into Minot Air Force Base. Eloise Ogden with Minot Daily News has the full story on the long list of what’s new at the base. Correction: Eloise Ogden has been updated as

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Grand Forks base committee talks Global Hawk, D.C. trip

The work to inform and secure stronger missions for North Dakota’s Air Force bases is never-ending. And in Grand Forks, that work has led to the possible redesignation of the Grand Forks base’s mission to provide a larger role in the operation of various Global Hawks in service for the Air Force. Emily Allen with

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Orders to Minot?

At the main gate of Minot Air Force Base the sign reads, “Only the Best Come North.” For those unaccustomed to North Dakota and the challenges and rewards life here presents — the saying seems foreign. But after time, one military spouse found some perspective on being stationed in Minot. Check out this article from

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Minot AFB Funding Included in Latest National Defense Appropriation

The following news release regarding national defense spending relevant to North Dakota and Minot was issued by Congressman Cramer. — Official News Release, Congressman Cramer Congressman Kevin Cramer announced sweeping improvements at the Minot Air Force Base funded in H.R. 6157, the Department of Defense (DOD) Appropriations Act of 2019. Cramer joined a majority of

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MAFB: Contractors Begin Preparations for ICBM Upgrades

Three defense department contractors, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, and Northrop Grumman, are in competition for a massive federal defense department contract that will upgrade the nation’s three ICBM missile wings — one of which is operated by Minot Air Force Base. That competition brought Lockheed-Martin executives to Minot this week. Eloise Ogden has the story with The

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MAFB Upgrades in Obama’s Federal Budget

President Obama’s 2017 Federal budget includes earmarks for several upgrades at Minot Air Force Base. Eloise Ogden writing for The Minot Daily News has the story, but it requires entrance through a Google search page.

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Air Force Has $600 Million Impact on Local Economy

The economic impact Minot Air Force Base delivers to Minot can be calculated, but it’s importance to the community can’t be overstated. And one of the annual tasks the Air Force takes on is estimating their annual contribution to the local economy. It’s a significant number, close to $600 million. The news release on the

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Grand Forks Air Force Base Well Positioned for UAV Mission

It wasn’t that many years ago that the future of the Grand Forks Air Force Base was in question, but with the rise of the unmanned aerial system industry (UAS, UAV), the base is now positioned better than ever. And the industry is driving new education opportunities as well private sector investment in the community.

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