The History of Humans Looking at Animals in Zoos

Spending an afternoon at the zoo is a Minot privilege we’ve enjoyed for nearly a hundred years. Visit the zoo today and you’ll immediately see the commitment and respect our Zoo staff has for their facility and the animals they’re charged with caring for. It’s in light of our current and future investments at the

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Summer fun is blowing up in Brandon

Is the future of outdoor water recreation inflated? This year in Brandon, the answer is yes. Check out this story from the Brandon Sun (pictures included) that shows one neighboring city’s new approach to summer water recreation. Cover image credit goes to Tim Smith of the Brandon Sun.

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#GoodTalkMinot – Middle-earth and Park District 5-Year Planning

What do Middle-earth, the mythological realm of J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Minot Park District’s 5-year planning process have in common? They’re both topics of this week’s #GoodTalkMinot conversations. On our first hour we’re joined by Director Kena Davidson and Actor Cade Solberg. Out topic: the Magic City Playmaker’s upcoming production of The Hobbit. Watch below to

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Park District Candidates Comment on Parks & Rec Consolidation

Do you support the Minot Park District and the City of Minot’s Recreation Department coming together in some form? Comment on why or why not this should be considered and how the work of getting it done should be taken up if you support a combination. [candidate_quotes question=”2018_pb_q7″]

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Park Board Candidates Comment on Measuring Success

What metrics or data points do you use to measure the Park District’s performance? Is there information you’d like to see developed to better measure trends within the organization and delivery of the Park District’s mission? [candidate_quotes question=”2018_pb_q5″]

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Park Board Candidates Comment on Gathering Space Involvement

Should the Park District be a partner to the City of Minot’s proposed NDRC-funded downtown gathering space? If so, to what degree, in what form, and under what conditions? [candidate_quotes question=”2018_pb_q6″]

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Park Board Candidates Comment on Our Most Needed Facility

From a facility perspective, what’s Minot’s most urgent priority? Map a pathway to delivering this facility politically, financially, and perhaps collaboratively into the community? [candidate_quotes question=”2018_pb_q4″]

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Park Board Candidates Comment on Property Tax Subsidies of Regional Attractions

From our reading of the 2018 Park District budget, Roosevelt Park Zoo is expected to operate at an ~$1,000,000 deficit. Operation of MAYSA is expected to cost ~$700k above forecast revenue. Does your reading of the budget affirm those numbers? If not, please explain. If yes, is it appropriate that citizens of Minot bear the

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