Park Board Candidates Comment on the Park District Mission

A mission statement sits at the very core efforts and goals of an organization. In this second question directed to Park Board candidates, we asked them to evaluate the Park District’s mission statement. This is the Park District’s mission statement: “To provide a broad-based opportunity for the citizens of Minot and its visitors to enhance

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Park Board Candidates Provide a SWOT Self Assessment

The first of The Minot Voice’s Minot Park Board election coverage begins with an executive summary SWOT. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and the analysis is used to help organizations begin a self-assessment. Below you’ll find each Park Board candidate’s brief thoughts on a Minot community and City SWOT. Strengths,

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Minot area needs up to $400 million for water projects

Between flood protection and NAWS, water-related infrastructure is what we’re going to be paying for Minot for a while. Minot’s Liasion Committee met yesterday, and among the discussion, pieces was how we’re going to meet our financial obligations on these projects. Jill Schramm with the Minot Daily News has the story.

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Downtown Fargo ice rink planned for next three winters

After a successful season last winter, the Downtown Community Partnership in Fargo has made plans to re-open a downtown skating rink for three more winters. For the 2015-16 season, the rink attracted about 30 skaters per day.

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Roosevelt Park Soo Line Locomotive Restored

A piece of Minot’s history that sits at the entrance to Roosevelt Park Zoo has been restored. The Soo Line Locomotive No. 735 was damaged by the 2011 flood, but with help from the Rotary Club, the Minot Area Community Foundation and the Minot Park District, the engine is looking better than ever.

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Boston Is Covered In Goose Poop and People Are Mad As Hell

It’s a problem that’s growing across the country, but in Boston, citizens have become particularly vocal. Motherboard has that story. We have our own goose challenges in Minot, and if you haven’t been through Oak Park in a while, it’s worth a trip. We have some new methods for managing our increasingly-resident goose population.

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Hammond Park Basketball Courts to be Dedicated to Dale Brown

The former LSU basketball coach and Minot native will be honored with a statue and a dedication of the courts at Hammond Park on the 19th of August. [member_allowed]

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Listen: Old-Ramstad School Site a Priority for Disaster Resilience Funding

In January, the City of Minot was awarded ~$74 million through the Housing and Urban Development’s National Disaster Resilience Competition. Since the award announcement, the City has been patiently awaiting federal guidance as to which parts of our competition application were funded, and as of the June 21 Park Board meeting, it seems the City

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