Downtown & MDN Editors Lukewarm on ‘Free’ Parking Plan

Last week, City Council voted to make parking in the Renaissance Parking free starting April 1. It was the solution to making sure City staff had parking when City Hall moved downtown later this spring. Following that decision, Minot Daily News reporter Jill Schramm reached out to downtown business owners to get their thoughts on

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Council Opts For Parking Free For All

At last night’s City Council meeting, Minot City Council took up the challenge of parking City employees, literally. When the new City Hall opens later this year, it will house approximately 80 workers. Where they’ll park and who will pay was an open question until last night. Council acted to make the Renaissance Parking ramp

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Let’s Call It Taxpayer Subsidized Parking

City Council meets tonight. The agenda includes more than a few items you should know about; read it here. Perhaps most interesting, two items related to our infamous downtown parking garages will be considered. First, where should the City employees park when City Hall moves downtown later this year? That is a timely question. More

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Shifting gears: why US cities are falling out of love with the parking lot

California, as a state, is set to ban parking minimums. Other cities in other states are following suit. It comes down to the fact that decades of forcing land into parking was a bad decision, it’s costing us lots of money, and we’re just waking up to the consequences. Get the full story at The

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In Arkansas, Citywide parking reform enables reuse of vacant buildings

Parking Soap Box Warning: In Fayetteville Arkansas, they gave it the whole nine yards. They didn’t just remove parking mandates in the City’s Central Business District, they removed them throughout the whole city. Why? They recognized that parking mandates (forcing property owners to deliver parking spaces) had become a barrier to reusing long-vacant buildings. The

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Parking Minimums: What They Are, Yes, Minot Has Them, What Happens If We Ditch Them?

Your property tax bill arrived this week. That means it’s time to talk about parking minimums. And to prove I’m not crazy after writing those last two sentences (and passionately believing it) is going to take some explaining. First, what are parking minimums? They are part of our zoning law that says when you build

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Stillwater, MN panel proposes cutting back on free public parking downtown

Have you ever thought about how much parking we have in Minot? If you haven’t, start paying attention as you’re out and about how many parking lots we have and how many open spaces we have in them. Then consider how often you pay for parking; it’s probably not very often. It’s nice to have

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West Fargo Overhauls Downtown Parking Laws

Like in Minot, West Fargo’s downtown renaissance is generating parking challenges. And like Minot, there are lots of opinions but little consensus between business owners and the City of West Fargo on how to address the challenges. For now, no limits on daytime parking, overnight parking is restricted to make room for snow removal.

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When it comes to parking, we’ve already embraced socialism

Equal and available parking for all the cars in all the places all the time! I don’t remember the street protest and social activism that secured this ‘right’ for us, but there’s no doubt that the wheels of government drove us straight to our current state of parking utopia.  Through on-street parking in front of

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The high cost of free parking in Minot

With news out of Michigan that an appeals court has ruled chalking tires unconstitutional, some cities may be forced to innovate how they regulate parking. While it’s too early to say exactly how the ruling will shake out, there’s no doubt that if it holds, we’ll feel it. It’s because in North Dakota, parking meters

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Court Says Using Chalk On Tires For Parking Enforcement Violates Constitution

There is no rage like a citizen who gets a parking ticket. In North Dakota, one of those citizens led a charge to eliminate a cities ability to price parking with parking meters. That political battle was fought decades ago; that citizen was successful and a law banning parking meters is still in place today.

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