Council Approves Sidewalk Clearing Money

Sidewalk snow clearing has been a regular topic here on Back in January, we pointed out the City’s neglect of key pedestrian corridors long after the snow had stopped falling. It’s a story we’ll be revisiting, but in the interim, there’s been action behind the scenes. And as of Tuesday, the City Council approved

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Watch out, Minneapolis: The tow truck cometh to make room for the snow plow

When the snow falls and has to be moved, it’s the parked cars that become the biggest problems. There’s just no way to push snow over the top of them. The solution isn’t fun, but it is effective, if it’s used. And in Minneapolis, street snow is has caused enough challenges this season that they’re

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ND Senate OKs bill to provide snow removal grants to local governments

Some parts of North Dakota got a lot of snow towards the end of last year. While Minot didn’t set any records, snow removal was certainly a challenge. And for cities and towns that had to dig deep in their pockets to keep the streets clean, the legislature is moving some relief forward. Get the

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After Heavy Snows, Minneapolis Snow Removal Solutions Get Creative

What do you do when there’s snow and so many parked cars that it begins to make the streets too narrow and dangerous? In Minneapolis, the answer is elegant. Implement a snow emergency law that only allows parking on one side of the street.  And then there’s this story from the Star Tribune, too. If

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City of Minot & Council Members Response to Pedestrian Snow Removal Failure

There’s good news here. Wednesday’s story on the weeks-long lack of snow removal along Minot’s pedestrian corridors and river crossings prompted action. Overnight, snow was removed from paths on the 3rd St. NE Viaduct and Broadway Bridge. Work remains in other parts of town, but it’s obvious a directive to do better was delivered and

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City Snow Removal Failures Continue in Minot

Following a challenging December, Minot’s streets are looking pretty good. But if you’re not fortunate enough to own a car, are a student, or someone who likes to get some fresh air through a winter walk, our City-maintained sidewalks tell a different story. The pictures in the gallery below were taken over the past couple

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MnDOT cuts back road salt use to save money, protect water

Why would the Minnesota DOT reducing salt usage on the roadways be relevant in Minot? Because a common question of those new to our area is why don’t we use salt on our roads? And the answer is because it’s more expensive than sand. Plus, it’s bad for the environment — salt gets into the

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City looking for snowbusters

The City of Regina is reaching out to residents with competition designed to help keep the sidewalks clear of snow. Residents can nominate their neighbors who go above and beyond, with the winner receiving a snowblower at season’s end.

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Why Do City Snowplows Damage Curbs?

This comes out of Grand Forks, but it’s not a unique problem. It’s fair to say that the issues of snow removal are similar… at least in North Dakota, so get informed on one of the challenges of keeping the streets clean.

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