#NoDAPL: Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council asks Red Warrior Camp to leave

Among the several protest camps, the Red Warrior camp has been reported to be home to the most extreme elements of the protest. And now it seems that Standing Rock Tribal officials have decided those elements are no longer welcome. At a November 1st Tribal Council meeting, the council voted 10-0 to ask that camp

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#NoDAPL: Spokesman leaves camp as elders seek to keep protest peaceful

Cody Hall, one of the more vocal and defiant leaders of the protests at Standing Rock, has been asked by tribal elders leave the camps. Mr. Hall is a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in South Dakota and has said he will remain supportive of the cause.

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Reckoning at Standing Rock: A 240-Year Perspective

For most of us with an experiential perspective on history, the protests at Stand Rock are about a pipeline. But if we remove ourselves to the heights of a many-generations view, there’s a lot more going on. Writing for High Country News, Paul VandeVelder attempts to give us that perspective. Settle in with this one,

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Other Perspectives from Standing Rock

Not all members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe are in agreement over the #NoDAPL protest. CNN Reporter Jessica Ravitz went deeper into the reservation to gather thoughts on the protest from those not participating. What she found is worth reading.

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MHA research commuter ferry as alternative transportation on reservation

The Three Affiliated Tribes are looking for creative solutions when it comes to solving the problem of long commutes on the reservation. One idea that’s being explored: a ferry between portions of tribal territory divided by Lake Sakakawea. If viable, they could be operating by next spring.

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Standing Rock Struggling with Winter Protest Camp Logistics, Economic Losses

The economics and logistics of maintaining a 1,000 person protest camp near Cannon Ball are daunting. Members of the Standing Rock tribe discussed the issues Thursday including the loss of a $1,000,000 in revenue at Prairie Knights Casino due to access difficulty for patrons.

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#NoDAPL Protester Arrested for Firing a Weapon at Police

A #NoDAPL protestor was arrested yesterday for pulling a revolver and firing it at police officers at the scene. No one was injured in this incident, but there was another firearms incident with an injury not involving law enforcement. All told, there were more than 130 arrests yesterday. Rob Port has the story.

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Managing the Herd: Bison Round up in Teddy Roosevelt NP

More than a hundred animals were gently rounded up Tuesday morning at the North Unit of Teddy Roosevelt National Park and put through a barrageĀ of tests to confirm their health. The animals are set to be relocated around the country including to several Native AmericanĀ tribes; in part to help ensure genetic diversity among smaller herds.

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