North Portal border crossing selected as one of five for Alaska-bound travellers

Travelers looking to transit through Canada on their way between the U.S. mainland and Alaska have few border crossings to choose from, but the North Portal crossing NW of Minot is one of them. The Estevan Mercury has the full story on what’s required if you plan on driving to Alaska anytime soon.

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3M suspends operations in Venezuela, citing unrest

Corporate titan 3M says doing business in Venezuela is too risky; they’ve suspended operations at a cost of nearly $160 million. Get the full story from the Star Tribune in the link below, but it’s a story that matters in Minot for two reasons. First, it’s a reminder that the trust that binds our economies

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Summer fun is blowing up in Brandon

Is the future of outdoor water recreation inflated? This year in Brandon, the answer is yes. Check out this story from the Brandon Sun (pictures included) that shows one neighboring city’s new approach to summer water recreation. Cover image credit goes to Tim Smith of the Brandon Sun.

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Journalist Ernie Pyle’s account of D-Day

Below you’ll find the introduction to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ernie Pyle’s account of what he experienced and wrote about in the days immediately after the Normandy landings. Continue reading at the Fargo Forum. NORMANDY BEACHHEAD, June 12, 1944 – Due to a last-minute alteration in the arrangements, I didn’t arrive on the beachhead until the

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Compare Minot — City of Regina launches new website

In a case of compare Minot to others, the City of Regina launched a new website. It replaces the last website built in 2008. The cost: $1.2 million Canadian. If you use the City of Minot’s website, it’s worth taking a look to gather ideas and see what works. Check it out here:

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Brandon approves $4M for new water mains

Do you know where a bunch of your property taxes go? In the case of managing a city like Minot or our neighbor Brandon, Manitoba — it takes a lot of money to keep what we have in working order. You don’t need to read the story below from the Brandon Sun; the headline captures

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Regina Fair adding Fortnite tournament to activities

Regina’s summer fair, known as Queen City Ex, is stepping into the world eSports at their event later this summer. In partnership with local gaming-focused businesses, the fair will host tournament style competitions in the game Fortnite with a top prize of $8,500. There’s a $40 entry fee with room for 640 competitors, but registration will

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Regina Flying Club aims to take on more students amid pilot shortage

Pilots — they’re yet another example of how labor shortages are choking our economy, and the problem doesn’t honor international boundaries. In Regina, one local flying club is taking the national issue up at a local level. They’re investing in their club with tools like flight simulators and expanding training scholarship opportunities to get new

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