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Fargo/Drekker’s Brewhalla Proving Breweries are Big Economic Development Engines

Fargo’s Drekker Brewing is making a move uncommon in the bar business; they’re making room for competitors. The concept is called Brewhalla, and it’s a lot more than a brewery. It’s a food destination, a market, a brewery, and a hotel, and more. It’s also built around the idea that when competitors of the same kind cluster, the diversity of options will bring the people.

Quick Commentary: It’s been written here on The Minot Voice that breweries are special and important places in a community. They are sources of culture, unique flavors, and local identity. They’re also economic engines for small entrepreneurs. The Brewhalla Project is more evidence. Cheers to Minot’s breweries, Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks and Souris River Brewing! 

Get the full story on the business concepts signing to set up in Brewhall at the Inforum article linked below.

Cover photo: Screenshot from the Brewhalla website.

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