Support for Socialism Unites North Dakota Leadership

As the 2020 election is approaching, America appears to be deeply divided. Finding bipartisan consensus is becoming uncomfortably difficult. In North Dakota, however, we have apparently achieved consensus on one important issue. That is the benefit of socialism.

North Dakota, at the state level, has been a one-party state since 1994. During that 26 year era, the popularity of the State Bank of North Dakota has remained. One of our U.S. Senators is its former president. Our bankers are more likely to give a small business a loan if they can share the risk with the taxpayers by utilizing our nation’s one and only socialist bank.

The State Mill and Elevator in Grand Forks is another socialist enterprise. If Dakota Maid flour were an inferior product, why has it been selling so well for 98 years?

Where has been the public outcry in North Dakota for the abolition of social security? Where has been the public outcry for the abolition of Medicare? Why do so many estate planning lawyers help grandpa and grandma divest themselves of assets so grandma and grandpa end up on Medicaid (a euphemism for welfare) thus enabling the kids to inherit their estate?

Why is there no outcry to end taxpayer subsidies of flood insurance and crop insurance? Would North Dakota prefer the free market to set the rates?

If one looks at action, not words, North Dakota likes socialism. When we hear the campaign ads railing against socialism, let’s remember the classic quotation of St. Augustine, “Oh Lord, give me chastity, but do not give it yet.”

Jim Maxson

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