The Insults of Candidacy and Fortunes in a Moniker

I just can’t help myself. I’m hooked on watching Presidential “debates”. The devil in me really enjoys opponents being labeled with epithets such as “dumb”, “boring”, “stupid”, “sweaty” (my favorite), etc. Actually, these insults are pretty mild compared to John Quincy Adams having been called a “hermaphrodite” and Abraham Lincoln having been called a “baboon” by their opponents. Compared to the 19th century, modern day insults are arguably classy.

Although no one has said it publicly, I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve heard Hillary Clinton referred to off the record by her detractors as a “bitch”. It is their constitutional right to say that. Free speech and political incorrectness are strange bedfellows. It is Interesting that a certain male candidate of the opposite party, who makes Triumph the Insult Dog of Conan O’Brien fame seem polite, is bitching all the time and yet leads his pack.

If Hillary Clinton is indeed elected President of the United States, she might have to be a bitch to properly lead America and the free world. Some might call it strength. Like any person with power, if President, she would have to be able to turn on the charm. That is something she is more than capable of doing from time to time. She will also have to turn from time to time to the dark side. Let’s face it, in order to get things done with a Congress that is Hollywood for ugly people, there are times when she would have to crunch the private parts of some persons trying to block her version of making America a better place.

Having to drop bombs on people is a bitch. Dealing with a dysfunctional Congress is a bitch. Trying to manage something as convoluted as the federal government is a bitch. Trying to get the budget under control is a bitch. Being married to Bill is a bitch. Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton is undeniably tough. If being tough is a bitch, that just means she’s a tough woman. That is not a disqualification. Would we rather have a weak one? When life is a bitch, who do we call? Maybe that’s fighting fire with fire.

Jim Maxson

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Laurel Thunshelle

I like the description of Congress as Hollywood for ugly people. I might use that, being sure to credit you, of course. Good article.

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