Rural Drive-in Theaters: Modest Renaissance in Saskatchewan

For nostalgia seeking movie watchers, there are still a few places to catch a movie from your car… on an actual big screen.

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Bismarck Tribune Bakken Recap: First LNG Plant Opens

A first-of-its-kind liquid natural gas plant opens in Tioga, lots of Watford City students are considered homeless, a growing number of spills, and rising crime — these are topics of a Bakken recap.

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Monthly Bakken Report: Lyne Helms & Bakken Magazine

Oil prices and new production records are the focus of news on the Bakken oil play today. Get a great recap article and more production details here.

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Ebola in West Africa – In Pictures

While the CDC’s handling of Ebola in the U.S. leaves a lot to desire, the situation in West Africa is of an entirely different nature. We will be seeing a lot more of this story.

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The End is Near: HBO to Offer Internet Only Streaming

If you’ve been waiting for the marginalization of the cable companies, you’re one big step closer. Starting in 2015 HBO will offer direct streaming to Internet-only subscribers. Al la carte television is almost here.

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Go Mobile: Your Guide to a Minot Voice Everywhere

Our website is our ‘App’ — they’re one and the same, and this is your guide to getting our ‘App’ on your phone.  It takes about one minute, and we can teach anybody! For Android Users (not Apple/iPhones) The gallery below shows the process in pictures too. Open up your Chrome browser. Type in or

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Welcome to The Minot

Want the rundown on what The Minot is all about?  Tips, tricks, and everything else you need to know about us is right here!

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Add Your Voice! Registration is Free, Easy, & Important!

Anonymity on the Internet has been disastrous for public discourse because user-names allow people to write inflammatory, offensive, disrespectful, or just-plain-wrong things without any fear of public redress. A healthy community needs constructive criticism, people questioning decisions, and we need leadership held to high standards, but in a small town, it needs to happen respectfully. We’re going

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