Privacy Policy

On The Minot Voice and other ForMinot Network sites we take your privacy seriously. Our entire network designed to deliver content that’s valuable to you through an experience that’s enjoyable from a network we hope you’ll trust. Here’s how we hope to earn that trust:

  1. We use cookies. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by our websites. We use cookies to help things like authenticating and remembering our users. You can disallow the use of cookies from our network at anytime via your browser settings, but it will diminish your experience while using the The Minot Voice and other network sites.
  2. Registration may be required. Viewing our content is free; interacting with it may require registration or user verification. In other words, we’re doing our best to protect your interactions on our network by ensuring other members are real people with genuine Minot interests.
  3. Your content and information is yours. While it’s on our site, you grant us license to use it. For registered users, you can request what information our system retains and request membership removal.
  4. We track visits. We use Google Analytics to track how the website is used, which content is most popular, where our visitors our from. This helps us tell our story to our advertisers. Beyond that, we don’t use data like the way you use the website to tailor content or advertising to you.
  5. We run our own ads. We don’t allow outside ad placement onto our network, so you don’t have to worry about being followed around the web after you visit our network.
  6. We may need to change this. We might need to revise this policy in the future, so we have to retain that right. If we do, we’ll make sure you know clearly what we’ve changed or added.
  7. Our highest priority is and will always be delivering highly useful, and Minot relevant content to you, our user. We won’t collect or retain any information that doesn’t serve that purpose, and we will always be up front and transparent about how we operate.

If you have questions about anything regarding our Privacy Policy and your interactions on the website, please get in touch.

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