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TheMinotVoice.com is a forum for community conversations, commentary, and ideas. Whether it’s a one-time contribution or something more regular, we can help amplify your voice. In other words, if you want to publish here, we’ll work to make that happen.

While none of our editorial guidelines are hard and fast, there are a few ideas that make your content more likely to reach our audience.

  1. About Minot. It should be Minot-centric or relatable to local challenges in some way. We appreciate your desire to comment on the latest presidential policy, but there are plenty of forums for that — our goal is to keep it local. Compelling content or less-considered perspectives that rise above the partisan din and make people think have a better chance of finding an exception to the local-preference guidelines.
  2. No obligation. While we revere and respect the tenants of free speech, it is not our obligation to provide a pulpit for your point of view. If you want to call politicians criminals or shout about the ‘Minot Mafia’ be prepared to present more than a rant. Our goal is constructive discourse — sometimes that demands criticism, sometimes that requires hearing hard truths, but please don’t contribute an argument akin to “the sky is cat” and expect it to be unconditionally published on TheMinotVoice.com. If we deny something for publication, we’ll share our rationale and reconsider our position upon your revision.
  3. Be mindful. We live in a divided world where the information we qualify as true depends more on the source and less on the method of arriving at that conclusion. Outside content from hyper-partisan sources has a high bar to clear in terms of getting through the filter, but if it speaks directly to a local issue, it has a better chance.
  4. Grammar matters. If your content is such that it’s difficult to read or discern your message, you may be required to address those concerns before consider publishing it.
  5. Registration required (probably). We may require you to register on the ForMinot network, we may want to speak in person to confirm your submission. So make sure you provide all the details.

With those points acknowledged, Use the form below to tell us what you’d like to contribute or submit your content directly and we’ll be in touch.

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